HIV vaccines are infecting large number of volunteers

According to the latest bit of news from Natural News, it has been clearly stated that HIV vaccines are causing more harm than good to the volunteers who are trying their effects on themselves. Here comes another experimental vaccine which is for preventing the spread of HIV disease but has proven to be more dangerous when compared with the virus itself. Minimum 40 men previously purchased a HVTN 505 clinical trial which is the work of the tax payer funded government and this journey begins in the year 2009. In a recent development theory it has been founded that people who have injected this vaccine have contracted HIV diseases from this medication only, which aims at immediate withdrawal of this trial which is turning out to be quite deadly in nature.
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The above mentioned research was crafted by National Institutes of Health and this research involves around over 2500 men who have attended for this research from 19 cities. As per the news from Natural News, the men who are admitted for this test have proven to have sex with either another man or had sex with any other transgender individual. Among the total number of men who are allotted for this purpose received this experimental medicine namely HVTN 505, and on the other hand, the rest of the entire lot have been given a placebo vaccine which comprises of certain unknown contents.
Depending on this fact, there is a movie named AIDS, Inc. which talked about the AIDS industry. They are provoking continuous fear and misconceptions regarding this disease. Where AIDS are gaining more and more popularity with such celebrity endorsements, scientist are “not close enough to find any cure related with this disease.” This is surely something to misguide the people and earn some few extra bucks.
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