DHS ammunition – is the government planning to wage an internal war?

According to Natural News, Department of Homeland Security has sanctioned a contract in favor of the ATK – an ammunition manufacturing company whereby they can acquire 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammo. What is striking in this case is that this sanction is in complete violation of the Geneva Convention, as they prohibit the usage of this ammunition in the battle field. What is more serious is that this sanction is given to the DHS which deals with domestic violence and not something on the international level. Hence, this is a clear indication that the government is going to wage a war against the American Citizens.
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The Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano defended the government’s actions, saying that this action would have been harmful if this ammunition were owned by the citizens, but on part of the government it is a normal procedure and there is nothing to worry about. According to the department, the purchase is as per the department’s logistical needs and should be considered as such.
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DETROIT Bankruptcy News:
A few weeks back, Detroit declared itself bankrupt. Unlike what everyone thinks, bankruptcy does not mean that the city is broke. On the contrary, the city is free from any financial obligations that were due on its part. Do you know how much money the government was due to pay? Well nearly $3.5 billion in the form of pensions – present and future from which the city has wiped its hands clean. Detroit is in fact one of the largest US cities to take this drastic step and all because of the government’s mis-managements and unthinking expenditure of the citizen tax payments.
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