Falsification of reality – More dangerous than it actually appears!

According to Natural News, the parents of the two Boston Marathon bombing suspects, namely Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, are of the opinion that their sons have been wrongly framed by US intelligence. As per the latest news, government agents have killed one of the so called suspects by crushing him under a vehicle, while the search for the other so called suspect is still on. Sadly, the media seems to be confused as to who is the real suspect. Initially, they accused a Russian and a follower of Islam as the confirmed suspect, even when the Boston Police filed the case against Sunil Tripathi as the suspect who went missing.
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The Oakland City Council is considering to propose an ordinance whereby people will not be allowed to carry any forms of hammers, shields, slingshots, wrenches, or even garden rakes and sticks as people resort to the usage of these things the moment any mob breaks out. As a result, many local business get hampered since the mob has a tendency to destroy shops and stores in their own locality. In an attempt to prevent this in the near future, any kinds of items that can be used as a weapon are being prohibited.
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One of the biggest duties of an investigative journalist is to seek out the truth and portray it to the people so that they learn about con artists, fraudsters, scammers and so on. A recent trend that seems to dominate society is a kind of con artist who preaches about things that hardly exist or about that which they hardly know of. However, the way they say things and portray issues makes them extremely believable and surprisingly, these people also tend to have a huge number of followers until being exposed. These scammers love to portray the image of a “prophet” or guru”. Sadly, these sociopaths are masters of deception and influence and rob people out of what they have.
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