What is GMO? How many people really know? Health Ranger explains the danger!

There are scary scientists in labs right now mixing chemicals with bacteria and viruses to see if they can kill more crop pests, but it’s all done at the expense of human life. Money, money, money is the name of the game, and brilliant scientists get twisted or ARE twisted, working for Biotech firms like Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Dupont, BASF, Syngenta and more, trying to kill the bugs that eat the vegetables and fruit, and trying to kill the weeds that choke out the corn and soy and tobacco. These scientists will use any means necessary to kill the pests, including designing seeds that grow pesticide inside them, and DNA traits that dissolve the beetles’ digestive tract completely, killing them as they try to feed on the crop. They have tried so hard to make Biotech have a good name, where the masses will believe that somehow food technology is looking out for our better interest, and some global agenda that is supposed to help the starving world eat for generations to come. But what’s killing the world is cancer food. This Biotech “movement” is nothing but a fancy word for bug, weed and human killer that attempts to increase crop yield, but fails at even that, it’s sole purpose.

How can we teach the kids, before it’s too late? How can teachers tell their kids and warn them about tainted, modified, pesticide laden food before Disney World and Monsanto spread their propaganda and brainwash them? The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, Editor of Natural News.com is in the forefront of the health and wellness movement, to educate EVERYONE about GMO and the inherent dangers, not just to our health, but the ecosystems all over the world, and soil, water, air, everything.

This is a 3 minute wake up call for all you planners and educators. You can share the following video in a classroom setting, or at a health fair on a big screen, or you can share it on social media and Youtube. You can post it on your own blog. You can make it the introduction to an exercise for kids to engage, like a short essay or a coloring project where they differentiate between organic food and modified pest killer food.

Nobody explains things quite so concisely and frankly as the Health Ranger, so take advantage of this great video clip and use it in whatever setting you can that will benefit as many people as possible.

Read this then click on the link:

Mike Adams explains:
“Now there’s an easy way to introduce new people to the topic of GMOs. Here at Natural News, we’ve just completed a fascinating new video that reveals the story of GMOs in just three minutes. The video reveals where GMOs come from, why they’re used and why they cause organ damage and cancer in mammals.”

Check it out on YouTube at:

Natural News Exclusive: http://www.naturalnews.com/041645_GMOs_explained_video_genetic_pollution.html#ixzz2c4SRKBsY

Also check out this Health Basics article for more info on basic GMO dangers:




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