“Larvicide” Drone in Florida Keys may hunt “mosquito pools” and photograph people’s private lives using infra-red

Everybody hates mosquitoes, so it’s the perfect alibi! The cops want to invade the privacy of people so why not employ drones and say they’re using it to kill mosquitoes. The best part is that if they really do spread more larvicide throughout the ocean in/around the Florida Keys that just adds to pollution and toxicity of the water thousands of people swim in every day of the year.

Lots of studies on the internet will say that larvicides aren’t toxic to humans, but most of those sites are full of lies and research by the companies that manufacture them. Big surprise. I found some interesting research:

Fenthion quickly kills larvae and has a long residual effect. Fenthion has a high toxicity for humans, birds and mammals, so it should not be used in drinking-water supplies for humans or animals. Also, Pyrethroids are very toxic to fish and should not be used as a larvicide in areas where fish and crustaceans are present.


“It’s very much designed for law enforcement when you watch the video, but it has a short-wave infrared camera we may be able to use to detect shallow water. It may or may not; that’s what we have to find out,”

Hey, and if the cops can shoot down mosquitoes on the beach that are disturbing tourists, why not deploy that option also! Who cares about safety and privacy, kill those pesky blood suckers! Heck, cops could use their nightsticks also and that would be another weapon with a double use, good for beating people and bugs. Every day in America, cops, politicians, judges and scientists are thinking up new innovative ways to “help” Americans live their working lives free of inconveniences (besides disease). The government, including federal, state, and city level, are always working hard to ensure the private lives of citizens are controlled and benefit the system, because people are dumb and can’t fend for themselves. In Florida, drones may soon be used to kill mosquitoes, and there is some excellent swamp land for sale that survived the housing bubble, so look for the new show on TV called “Drones and Swamp Homes.” It’s a reality show that teaches you how to live like a millionaire, on a huge piece of property with no bugs and still qualify for government food assistance. This is the new “installed democracy” and the “conventional” way of life in America, and it’s always done in your “best interest.”

“ … drones have been used mainly for law enforcement and search-and-rescue purposes, but more civilian uses are cropping up all the time.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041700_spy_drones_mosquito_control_Florida.html#ixzz2cW3h7ler

What about Journalists who criticize the President or the grande ole USA?

Are you eating or swimming in DDT and other mosquito killer? What is A.O.F.D, Agent Orange Food Disorder, and how many Americans have it right now?

A Natural News exclusive by S.D.Wells


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