Mother Nature has answers to very important REMEDY queries in the world!

Ayurvedic Herbs and Therapy Work!!   Using nature's medicine, the Ayurvedic way
According to Natural News, hemp seed oil is one of the safest oils that can be consumed. As per the World Health Organization’s Report, this oil contains the ideal 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. The essential fatty acids found in this oil are very effective in maintaining and restoring the immune system of an individual. In fact, hemp seed oil consists of 80% fatty acids, the highest that can be found in any plant oil. Although there is a misconception that hemp contains THC, the principal psychoactive constituent of the cannabis plant, in reality, this is not true. This oil is relatively new to the western world. Truthfully, it is nature’s perfect food because of its balanced concentrations of omega fatty acids.
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It seems that Mother Nature has the answer for everything in this world. For so long, we have been trying to discover the cure for cancer, but the answer was always there with Mother Nature. The answer is anti-cancer phytonutrients found in medicinal mushrooms. They are one of the most powerful medicines in the world.

Mushrooms such as chaga mushroom, maitake mushroom, ganoderma mushroom, and cordyceps mushroom, contain cancer-preventive and cancer-fighting actions. Research shows that these mushrooms have huge quantities of polysaccharides with beta 1,3 glucan linkages. In fact, Indole-3-carbinol is also found in large quantities in cruciferous vegetables. It is the perfect remedy for breast cancer, reducing formation of cancerous compounds from hormones and helping to prevent cancer cell progression.
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“Everything in the universe is medicinal – it just depends on how it’s used.” This quote sounds like something out of a modern, scientific research journal, but it’s not. 5,000 years ago, an Ayurvedic doctor named Charaka already understood this, and documented it in his medical text, the Charaka Samhita.

Current research shows that plants have effective medicinal properties covering a variety of diseases and conditions. Thousands of years ago, this knowledge flourished and was widely applied to handle all varieties of ailments, from acute to chronic and emergency conditions. The difference between then and now is the approach to understanding how it works.

With the reductionist methodology of modern science, attempts are made to break down each component into individual pieces for study. In extremely simple cases this may work, but understanding the complexity of life may not be feasible this way. The myriad of combinations and permutations of individual chemicals, their proportions and interactions, results in something other than just the simple sum of their parts.

Ayurveda takes a radically different approach. Instead of breaking things down, it focuses on the final effect, using a specific set of 12 variables to predict the outcome. These include the person’s imbalance (Dosha), medicine/herb to use (Bheshaja), geographical region (Desha), season (Kala), strength (Bala), physical structure (Sharira), condition of bodily tissues (Sara), diet (Ahara), general habits (Satmya), mental temperament (Sattva), natural constitution (Prakriti) and age (Vayas). The interactions between these 12 factors depend on the proportions of their common underlying components, The Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether).

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