Modern Science and its ways – It is time to change!

According to Natural News, “Science Set Free” by Rupert Sheldrake highlights a very significant aspect of science – it is time to make new discoveries so as to set free modern science from the inward spiral of false paradigms. According to him, it is because of this that the medicines invented so far have failed to cure cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes and so on. Furthermore, he is of the opinion that modern science will never be able to make that much needed progress unless it abandons the false assumptions and goes beyond materialism and reductionism. Only then will science will be able to offer solutions to most of the modern day problems and issues. This book is available in both hard copy version as well as audio format; it outlines 10 new pathways to discovery that promise to allow human civilization to leap forward into a new era of understanding, achievement and the harnessing of the power of nature and the cosmos.
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“Rupert Sheldrake may be to the twenty-first century what Charles Darwin was to the nineteenth: someone who sent science spinning in wonderfully new and fertile directions.” — Larry Dossey, M.D., author of “Reinventing Medicine.” In the book, Rupert Sheldrake, states how the following 10 false assumptions of modern science which must be abandoned to allow for true progress:
• The universe is mechanical
• All matter is unconscious
• The total amount of matter and energy is always a constant
• The laws of nature are fixed
• Nature is purposeless, with no goal or direction
• All biological inheritance is material, carried in DNA
• There is no such thing as a “mind” other than an artifact of brain function
• Memories are stored chemically in the brain and disappear at death
• Unexplained phenomena such as telepathy are illusory
• Mechanistic medicine is the only kind that really works

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