Meditation – The key to controlling one’s anxiety

This blog is about the key to controlling one’s anxiety and stress as highlighted by the Arterial Spin Labeling Magnetic Resonance Imaging technique! read this and relax!

According to Natural News, one of the most common ailments that haunts our generation is anxiety and depression. Millions of people across the globe suffer from this. And yet they prefer to pop a pill to cure it. Sadly, medication is the preferred choice over meditation. However, there seems to be a solution to this. Scientific experts from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, seem to have found a significant solution. Fadel Zeidan, who spearheaded this mind-mapping study, states that meditation plays a calming effect on our nerves and hence is a better fighter of any kind of anxiety and stress.
As per the Arterial Spin Labeling Magnetic Resonance Imaging carried out by them, they discovered that when a person meditates, two areas of the brain begin to show increased activity. These regions include the Anterior Cingulate Cortex and the Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex, both of which play a vital role in controlling one’s emotions and feelings.
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Just as research highlights that meditation holds the key to relieving anxiety and stress, different researches highlight how the excitotoxins used to enhance the flavor of food items damage cells that are related to emotions and behavior.
After consumption of excitotoxins, the chemicals overstimulate neuron receptors, which in turn causes a firing of impulses at such a rapid rate that they get exhausted very soon and within hours of this, the depleted neurons die. This is a matter of serious concern, as this occurs in the hypothalamus and temporal lobes, which not only control behavior, emotions and sleep cycles but immunity as well.

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