Do PAPAYAS and ORANGES contain pesticides, fungicides and insecticides inside the fruit now?

Do you eat fungicide regularly? Will you soon and not even know it? What about insecticide, do you spray it on your food when you eat outdoors, to keep the bugs away? I bet that would save money, if you never had to throw away any food at a picnic, because no flies or ants would ever go near it, huh? Doesn’t that sound like common sense? Doesn’t that sound like food science? Do you ever spray herbicide, meaning weed killer (like RoundUp) on your garden tomatoes and cucumbers, and on the lettuce and the herbs, to keep the weeds from “overtaking” them? What if you had fruit trees growing in your back yard, and about half the oranges were turning green or black with a fungus, would you spray the other half with pesticide, some new fungal treatment that food scientists proved gave rats cancer? If you had some papayas growing would you inject some pesticide into the middle of them, if it kept away the pests? Would you do that?

GMO is doing it for you. If you think for a second “biotech” means human welfare or health ethics at all, you are wrong. If you think some companies are trying to “save the world” from famine by feeding them pest killer fruits and pest killer vegetables, you’re dead wrong. By growing a fungicide inside of oranges, farmers can try to “reduce” the amount of bacteria spread by jumping plant lice so not as many orange oranges turn green and take a bite out of profits.


Guess what’s going on with Papayas on Hawaii’s Big Island? GMO.

Guess what the tradeoff is for farmers who cut corners, drop their ethics, and farm their fruits and vegetables GMO pesticide-laden style? These “innocent” workers and farm owners increase the cancer statistics in USA, the leading GMO invading nation in the world. Natural News is reporting on the pest killing (human mutating) oranges that might be coming to the Sunshine State soon: “Unknown to many, since 2005, a large portion of America’s orange supply has been under attack by a bacterium that is carried by the psyllid (a jumping plant lice) and sours oranges, leaving them half green. The disease, which has already cost Florida growers more than $4.5 billion, has been labeled citrus greening.”

So then, if you take vitamin C, the really cheap corporate kind you get at grocery stores and pharmacies, and you drink lots of conventional orange juice, and you take cheap calcium supplements, you are loading up on pest killers and sucking the marrow out of your bones, and the minerals are being drained from your blood, by the fruit and vegetable vampires, and by the Big Pharma chemical laden and dead supplements. Will you be just totally shocked if you get cancer or osteoporosis? Will you be the least bit surprised if your arthritis worsens, and you get shorter with “old age?” Will your Western M.D. have any clue the cause? Did he/she ever take even one class regarding nutrition for healing, or is he/she not allowed to talk about that sort of “stuff.” Do you watch Dr. Oz and the “Doctors” tv show for information? – Because they are just sellouts for corporate “sick care medicine.”

Eat only organic fruit. Don’t take any chances. This is your life. Keep it running on high octane food that’s pure and doesn’t contain any pest killing concoctions they claim are helping feed the planet.

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Natural Health reporting on line reacts to world health news here:


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