Nature offers its own solutions – all that one needs to do is have the intention to make the difference!

According to Natural News, the 2013 Breakthrough Energy conference will take place at the University of Colorado Boulder from October 10th to October 12th. More than 30 speakers are participating in this event and will address how the new technologies and the energy revolution will bring about much required change. A non-profit, volunteer-driven organization, it aims to educate the public and make them aware about clean, sustainable breakthrough energy technologies.
The main underlying theme of the Breakthrough Energy conference is to find ways as to how one can overcome the challenges faced by humanity. The present generation has forgotten how to take care of our planet and one another and the conference organizers aspire to break this trend. They are attempting to unite forces to create a movement that will activate global consciousness.
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Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, of Natural News says: “What we see in the natural world — in ecosystems, plants, animals and even humans — is not explainable through natural selection alone. There exists intention, consciousness and a seeming desire to achieve complex goals by taking fantastic evolutionary leaps which modern science cannot explain.”
Is it not that the science subjects we are taught in school hardly challenges one’s critical thinking? Everything seems to have a formula explaining how it functions. Until and unless you have the answer to the question, it is supposed to be baseless.
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K-State’s Zhijian “Z.J.” Pei, associate professor of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, and Wenqiao “Wayne” Yuan, assistant professor of biological and agricultural engineering, have received a $98,560 Small Grant for Exploratory Research from the National Science Foundation to study solid carriers for manufacturing algae biofuels in the ocean. And if their findings are to be believed, then there are certain algal species that are high in oil content and can be converted into such fuels as biodiesel. The best thing about algae is that they are highly environmentally friendly, as they don’t require soil or fresh water to grow.
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