Panic at the Disco! NYPD shooting “into the dark” at general public again
Street drones flying over your neighborhood soon! The "Man" is watching you very very closely!
It’s hard enough just living your life without getting into some horrible car wreck, or falling down stairs or getting bit up by some huge mean dog, we don’t need cops running around town shooting innocent bystanders because they haven’t been to target practice in months. That’s just what happened in New York, again, when somebody made the gun sign with their hand, you know when you stick out your thumb and forefinger and curl your other three fingers. People do it all the time, like in traffic when somebody cuts them off, they pretend like they shoot you because they’re so mad they wish they could. You could be shot for that now. By a drone that’s watching you on the intersection video cameras, or by the NYPD, who think it looks just like a real gun, and who sometimes hear you say “bam” and think that’s gunfire. Shame on you for tricking the police! You will be SHOT for that. Watch out when you trick or treat this year and be sure NOT to KNOCK on any policeman’s door in New York. Don’t dress like a gangster either, because Bloomberg may have passed some new law as a rider to some new legislation in New York, maybe banning large size sodas and squirt guns. Too bad you don’t read Natural News or you would have known, before that cop shot you in the kneecaps and crippled you for life.

“… the guy had an imaginary gun? As in, his finger and a thumb? Like, “Bang! Bang! Bang!” style? Kids’ playground stuff … So New York cops think a guy running around with his finger and thumb, screaming “Bang! Bang! Bang!” is so dangerous to the public that they must fire their own guns into the crowd, striking innocent bystanders?”

Learn more:


Maybe the cops were playing “Grand Theft Auto” back at the station earlier, and they just got carried away on the street? Maybe the police don’t have to “re-qualify” for accuracy anymore, at target practice, or “arrest practice” or in court when they testify. Maybe those days are over, and the police state rules all situations, like recently in Boston, after the staged terror event, and maybe it’s all just a test to see if you still know how to defend your rights:

You’ve heard of Girls Gone Wild, check out Police Gone Wild!

All over America, my friends, the police are “losing it” and terrorizing innocent people, with organic farms, with organic minds, for drinking bottled water, yes, and with registered, legitimate, constitutional weapons.

Some cops draw your blood with a needle when they stop you for traffic violations and DUI’s. Don’t believe me? Read more:


Know your rights. There are more rights than just the pursuit of happiness. Some people in prison are trying to pursue happiness. Innocent people are serving time because they were trying to be happy but their government didn’t like their style. Some people aren’t living anymore because they were too “smart” and “free.” Some people are dead because they try to film the tyranny and the “bad cops.”


Some cops try to kill each other for blowing the whistle on corruption inside “the force”

LAPD Whistleblower Targeting Suspected Corrupt Cops for Assassination

“Dorner infers he was the target of retaliation because of this and that reporting such activity must have crossed “their supposed blue line,” a reference to the “blue code of silence,” an unspoken code of conduct cops are rumored to adhere to which demands they stand up for each other at all times.”

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