War on Vaccines heats up: Alex Jones (InfoWars) challenges Piers Morgan with $1 million dollars to get 1,000 vaccines in two weeks

Will he do it? Will Piers Morgan of CNN inject himself with all the popular vaccines that are said to help so many people beat back everything from disease to the flu to pneumonia? Shucks, a thousand vaccines of “immunity boosting” chemicals should be just perfect and help Piers Morgan do his job better right, because if you NEVER get the flu, a cold, an allergy, a disorder, a disease, or any bacteria or virus infection ever again, Morgan will be able to report the news (as they call it) every day all day forever! And boy does Piers Morgan like reporting the news, including news about vaccine safety and gun control (population control in other words).



The Piers Morgan $1 million vaccine challenge is official
“(Alex) Jones then made the announcement official, looking directly into the camera and offering Piers Morgan $1 million if he would take 1,000 vaccine shots over a two-week period, administered under controlled conditions. Both Jones and the Health Ranger predicted Morgan would not be able to survive such an assault of deadly chemicals on the body.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042176_Piers_Morgan_vaccine_challenge_one_million_dollars.html#ixzz2fiffkvwg

Why won’t Piers accept? He got sick from just ONE flu shot! Read this:
RE: Infowars.com; January 24, 2013
“CNN host Piers Morgan is likely wanting another chat with daytime talk-show host Dr. Oz. for an explanation on why he got sick just days after having a flu vaccination administered on live television.”
Piers Morgan Falls Ill Just Days After Receiving Flu Vaccine

If flu shots make you sick, could ONE anthrax vaccine be lethal?

What exactly is the Military (involuntarily) injected with? Is it anthrax? Do they have a choice, to opt out? What rights do they have to opt out of this craziness? Should the military get millions of dollars when adverse health effects from vaccines leave them “wounded” for life or dead? Should their family be compensated for a life time of missed earned income? Would a million dollars suffice? Many professions make that much in a 15 years or less.

“On October 27, 2004, due to the lawsuit Doe v. Rumsfeld, an injunction was placed on the mandatory AVIP. At this time, DoD had two options. They could have gone to the president to have service members’ rights to informed consent revoked, or, they could have invoked the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), through the FDA under Project Bioshield and make the program voluntary. DoD opted for the EUA option. The logical explanation to this would be that under the EUA, though the anthrax vaccine would still be voluntary, a service member/contractor would not have to be given informed consent, meaning that the risks of the anthrax vaccine could be withheld, unlike when the anthrax mail attacks occurred and informed consent was provided to the postal workers.”

Who are the next guinea pigs? Is Piers Morgan dumb or arrogant enough to take the challenge? What about the innocent children of America, should they all be tested with vaccines which haven’t been tested or proven to have beneficial results? Au’ contrare – injecting toxins directly into your bloodstream by passes digestion and lung filtration, going straight to the heart and brain, inducing life threatening, health damaging outcomes. Do they know what’s “in store” for them if they take a few too many vaccines? I don’t think they do. Share the information you find. Share the truth about toxic jabs and big pharma’s chronic care “shots.”



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