Obamacare – Another sad side is revealed!

The Holocaust was real; are you ready for 2013 Democide in USA?
According to Natural News, nearly 99% of all those who have somehow filled out and submitted the form for Obamacare will not be processed due to lack of information. None of the forms seem to have all the required information. This comes as a major jolt after news came out that the web forms are broken, while the code is also not proper with the data integration, which is, again, a massive failure. Even the one person the Obama administration rolled out as a “success case” turns out to be completely staged and fabricated.
All these incidents are putting up questions one after the other over the viability of the whole Obamacare program. Now it is said every person who entered info must get a new identity and password, no current entries can be updated, and everything already entered is stuck in Cyberspace, which is probably part of the new FEMA info Hub for the financial apocalypse.
According to Natural News, it does not matter whoever wins the White House because the ultimate loss will be that of the people. These are the major issues that will be highlighted during the next elections:

• Continued erosion of civil liberties and the bill of rights

• The growth of federal power over states rights

• The continued currency monopoly of the private Federal Reserve

• The drugs-and-surgery health care system

• Continued criminalization of industrial hemp farming

• Continuation of electronic voting that allows corrupt political parties to steal elections

• Continuation of the Big Pharma medical monopoly over the U.S. healthcare system

• Continuation of the criminally operated FDA, the corrupt USDA, the gang mafia DEA and of course the gun-running ATF

• Continuation of the fluoride poisoning of the American people

• Continuation of nationwide vaccination programs that inject babies with mercury, MSG, aluminum and formaldehyde

• Continuation of the corrupt two-party political system and ongoing corporate lobbying that allows members of Congress to function as total sellouts

• Continued support of pesticide producers and the toxic contamination of the food supply with pesticide and herbicide residues

• Continued exploitation of children for medical experiments in America.

• Continued U.S. military presence in over 130 countries worldwide, making America the world’s most imperialistic, war-mongering nation in world history

• Continued multi-trillion-dollar debt spending, putting the United States into a position of never-ending debt leading to a total economic collapse
To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the horrifying truth about the Obamacare issue and more, one can easily log onto:

Sounds a little like NAZI-America. Something’s gotta change!


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