EBT crash – Shows the level to which people will stoop in order to ransack and get away with various household items!

According to Natural News, the EBT system could possibly crash due to five reasons:
1) Computer code failures
2) Failure of the power grid
3) Financial default of the government
4) Hacker sabotage
5) Intentional government false flag to cause chaos

This incident threw light on how people will clear the shelves and engage in mass theft if they believe they can do so with a minimal risk of getting caught.
For more information, log onto:
The failure of the power grid is another example where the government failed to take adequate measures:
“For example, an unfortunate solar flare could cause a powerful EMP spike that blows out the tens of thousands of transformers currently serving the power grid. That would take the grid offline for a year or more. A new plan was proposed to retrofit the power grid with new hardware that would defend against an EMP-induced failure, but it would take decades to implement. EMP weapons can also produce a similarly disastrous effect, and North Korea, a nuclear-capable nation, has already threatened to launch a high-altitude ballistic missile with the intention of detonating it high above North America, causing an EMP spike across much of the nation,” wrote Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. “[A]ll federal financial obligations will be null and void in such a scenario, including all federal pensions, health care plans, social security payments veterans’ benefits and so on.”
To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the horrifying truth about the issues of a power grid failure and more, one can easily log onto:


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