Breast Cancer – It is time we kill it or get ourselves killed in the name of the cure!

According to Natural News, cancer thrives in an acid-heavy system, where the blood and the organs are flooded with processed salt, sugar, animal fat and artificial food. The heart and brain struggle to filter out the toxins found in most conventional forms of food, like antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, bleach, ammonia, fluoride, heavy metals and much more.
This is why the doctors and oncologists tell chemo patients not to eat alkalizing foods like kale, because it will “interfere with the chemotherapy.” “The most overlooked solution to all manner of illness and disease is perhaps the simplest. All pathogens, viruses, and parasites are anaerobic. They thrive in the absence of oxygen, but cannot survive with an abundance of oxygen. Even cancer cells cannot exist in oxygen. They depend on fermenting glucose to survive and multiply.”
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Say NO to the following in order to avoid cancer and take precautionary measures against them:
• Hormones in meats and milk
• Mammograms, dental X-rays and airport TSA screening machines
• Aluminum in antiperspirants and deodorants
• Toxic makeup/cosmetics
• GMO soy and corn
• Artificial sweeteners
• Fluoridated water
• Pharmaceuticals
• Food coloring agents and preservatives
• Soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and lotions (including sun tan and sun block)
It is up to us as to how we are going to treat our body. As per research, doctors themselves refuse chemotherapy when confronted with cancer, as they are well aware of the consequences, and this number amounts to a staggering 75% of the doctors in the world.
To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the horrifying truth about the breast cancer issue and more, one can easily log onto:


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