Cleanest sources for CHLORELLA revealed by the Health Ranger

Chlorella perfect superfood
Cleanest sources for chlorella revealed: Natural News publishes metals contamination test results for world’s most famous superfood

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• All commercially-grown chlorella is virtually free of mercury, according to our lab tests. There may be extremely trace levels such as parts per billion, but this is well below our detection limit.

• Chlorella grown in China is the most contaminated with aluminum and other metals.

• China-produced chlorella is the cheapest at the wholesale level.

• “Organic” chlorella from China is more contaminated than non-organic chlorella from Korea.

• Taiwan produces the cleanest outdoor (sunlight) chlorella using spring-fed water, but most chlorella purchased today that’s made in Taiwan is not from this certified organic producer.

• The certified organic chlorella from Taiwan is the most expensive in the world, at wholesale.

• “Certified organic” does not mean free from contamination.

• Japan is not the cleanest source of chlorella. Taiwan is actually cleaner, according to our lab tests.

• The aluminum contamination levels of chlorella is only a fraction of the aluminum contamination levels found in everyday foods like celery, corn and beans.

• Chlorella has been scientifically studied vs. radiation poisoning.

• Chlorella marketing claims have no correlation to the actual quality of the chlorella being sold.

• Some companies “cut” their chlorella with cheap calcium filler. This is visible on the tablets when inspected closely.

• There is no commercially-grown chlorella in North America.

• Chlorella in capsules can cost 380% more than chlorella in tablets.

• Cell wall “cracking” to achieve “broken cell wall” or “open cell wall” status is pushed heavily in marketing text, but in truth the more important question is the digestibility of the chlorella, not how it is “cracked.”

Introducing Clean Chlorella
After months of research and preparation, the Natural News Store is introducing Clean Chlorella, the top two cleanest sources of chlorella produced on the planet.

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