Winter Blues is more than a term, it has psychological aspects as well!

According to Natural News, adding vitamins to your diet can help reduce feelings of depression, winter blues or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). B vitamins, especially vitamin B12, have been shown to help those suffering from feelings of anxiety or depression. Simply adding nutritional supplements can help lift the blues, especially during stressful periods of life. Many vitamins can be sourced from foods, but some, like vitamin B12, are difficult to source from food, so vitamin supplements are suggested. Winter depression and seasonal affective disorder are not only mental conditions. B vitamins are major contributors to how the brain and nervous system function, so getting proper nutrients in the diet can improve mood.
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Vitamin B12 encompasses a lot of nutrients under it. B12 is actually a generic term for a class of compounds called the cobalamins, and indeed, when one has vitamin B12 deficiency, it is more scientifically called cobalamin deficiency. This makes perfect sense when you understand that the various formulations of vitamin B12 all end with the suffix cobalamin. While there are MANY “cobalamins,” only three are generally used as dietary supplements, namely:
• Hydroxocobalamin
• Cyanocobalamin
• Methylcobalamin

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The ineffectiveness of Big Pharma’s cholesterol drugs was demonstrated recently by a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine which showed that niacin (a low-cost B vitamin) outperforms Merck’s drug Zetia for preventing the buildup of arterial plaque, a symptom of cardiovascular disease.
As the study reveals, Zetia failed miserably. Patients taking niacin showed a “significant shrinkage” in artery wall thickness, while those on Zetia showed no such improvement. At the same time, the rate of “cardiovascular events” in the niacin group was only one-fifth that in the Zetia group, demonstrating that niacin is far more effective at preventing heart attacks and other similar events than Zetia.
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