Health Ranger Mike Adams will revolutionize the health industry with his announcement on January 7, 2014!

According to Natural News, Mike Adams had purchased a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets from a McDonald’s restaurant in Austin, Texas. Under carefully controlled conditions, he examined the Chicken McNuggets under a high-powered digital microscope, expecting to see only processed chicken bits and a fried outer coating.
He found dark black hair-like structures sticking out of the nugget mass, as well as light blue egg-shaped structures with attached tail-like hairs or fibers. They also found odd red colored splotches in several locations, as well as a spherical green object that resembles algae.
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They are not claiming or implying that these objects in any way make McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets unsafe to consume. They do, however, believe that this visual evidence may warrant an FDA investigation into the ingredient composition of Chicken McNuggets. In particular, where are the hair-like structures coming from? This is especially important to answer, given that chickens do not have hair. Is there cross-species contamination in the processing of Chicken McNuggets? This question needs to be answered.
Although the GMO and Biotech industry claims to have the “patents” on food technology and mutating seeds, the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, is transforming from Activist to Scientist, whereupon he will battle for ORGANIC FOOD and the organic way of life, including natural remedies. After all, we are human and we want to remain human, not consuming synthetics that change our DNA for the worse, ruining our chances of evolution and prosperity on Earth.
The Health Ranger talks about his new lab:
“On January 7, 2014, I will begin announcing a series of food science breakthroughs that, as promised, will reshape the food industry and absolutely revolutionize personal health. … [A]n atomic spectroscopy laboratory with extraordinary capabilities including parts per trillion detection of atomic elements as well as advanced, high-level isotopic ratio analysis capabilities. … [E]very individual who seeks outstanding health, amazing cognitive function, healthy offspring, longevity and freedom from chronic disease will now have a powerful, transformative new science-based paradigm from which to accomplish those goals with clarity and consistency.”
To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about the Chicken McNuggets issue and more, one can easily log onto:


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