Let us hope that the changes in the food across the continent will bring about desirable results!

According to Natural News, the World Health Organization reports that 121 million people worldwide are clinically depressed. This number includes one in ten Americans. Alarmingly, depression is increasing at a rate of 20% annually. Why has depression become such an issue? Here are eight reasons that are backed by scientific evidence:
• Toxic food: Poisoning your brain so it cannot function properly
• Heavy metal toxicity: The silent saboteur
• Lack of nature: Avoiding what grounds your body
• Psychological attachments: Unwittingly seeking old, familiar misery again and again
• Consumerism: Desiring stuff that makes you feel empty
• Lack of exercise: Willingness to feel lethargic
• Ignorance about feelings: Trapping negative emotions in your body
• It’s a diagnosis: Promoting depression
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Organic food is gaining in popularity as consumers learn about the dangers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In fact, recent polls show that an overwhelming majority of Americans would actively choose to avoid eating genetically modified foods.
Despite these findings, the FDA does not require food manufacturers to disclose to buyers that their food products contain GM content. However, there is one reliable way to avoid these GM brands: buy products that bear the USDA Certified Organic seal.
If a product bears the “USDA Certified Organic” seal on its package, it is a safe bet that it is free of GMOs, according to the Organic Consumers Association. It is the only federally regulated product label that specifically prohibits the use of genetic engineering.
It is important to keep in mind that the terms “organic” and “natural” on a product label are not interchangeable. Since a product that contains less than 70% organic ingredients cannot use the USDA organic seal, marketers use the terms “natural” or “all-natural” instead. However, these are mere marketing terms that have no actual legal meaning and may be applied to food products that contain GMOs.

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