What has you feeling nervous, anxious, stressed and depressed? Take the Natural News Stress TEST

There’s a new way to think of “habits” and that’s from the inside out. Natural News enthusiasts are all awakening to the great “filtering” – where we read and talk everyday about what to eat and drink, and we talk even more about what NOT to. There’s a reason most smokers just can’t seem to quit smoking. There’s the same reason people can’t quit eating junk food. And yet again, the same reason applies to why most diets don’t work and people end up gaining weight instead. That reason, that multi-faceted “demon” is called central nervous system disruptors, but Western Medicine hides the truth, and the allopathic medical industrial complex doesn’t inform it’s “clients” for life. Natural News has an inside story on chemicals in food and cigarettes that create the chemical “hangover” setting its victims up for repeat performances, the kind that lead to bigger and “badder” health consequences, fueling chronic sick care and the whole Obamacare scheme.

Here’s the recent coverage: “There are over 46,000,000 smokers in America, most of whom do not consider food agents to be part of their problems or would rather take a boatload of pills than change what they eat and drink. There are people who will never stop eating their MSG-loaded fast food, their deli meats or their processed chips and baked goods. Others are consuming aspartame all the time and have no idea of the health dangers, drinking cough medicines and headache syrups, chewing synthetic gum and sucking on nerve disruptor mints. I bet it’s even in vitamins.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/043324_central_nervous_system_disruptors_aspartame.html#ixzz2oaqBZVXZ


Knowledge is power. Once you have it, you need to act on it. MSG and aspartame are like serial killers, going after innocent people and tearing their lives apart. With no discretion, no bias, the central nervous system disruptors break down the immune system, they create havoc in the body, in the brain, and drive people to do stupid things, like take chemical medicine for it or smoke cigarettes. Smokers who eat food and candy and gum with food chemicals in it compound their problems, their addictions, and they can’t even quit them if they try, without help.

You hear people brag about quitting cigarettes cold turkey, but how many? What about quitting MSG cold turkey? What about quitting aspartame cold turkey, without any help? Learn what to filter from your daily intake, and you can become 100% “human” again. Stop robbing your system by letting the “killers” out of jail and into your “home” (your body). This is under YOUR control. Make that change. Take the stress test: Write down everything you ate and drank in the last 24 hours. How many toxins are in your system – more than 2 or 3? Get on NaturalNews.com and enter the key words in the search box to see what these “chemicals” are doing to your body. Do you pass the stress test? You will when you stop eating and drinking chemicals daily. Want to stop smoking cigarettes? Where there is a will, there is a way*

Don’t eat cancer. Don’t drink it. If you smoke cigarettes, try the natural method and learn how to stop smoking in 14 days or less.

Natural News has more* on this: http://premium.naturalnews.tv/14AndOut__TV.htm


Stressed? Fatigued? Check your vitamin D levels


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