Young healthy people don’t want to pay $1,000 a month for sick care coverage. What’s the problem?

What if you didn’t own a car but your government made you buy car insurance for $400 per month, to insure all those crazy drivers who don’t watch where they’re going, who text and eat while driving, who drink and drive, and who run red lights and get in horrible wrecks? Would you sign up? What if the IRS imposed a tax penalty of $1,000 a year if you didn’t buy car insurance even though you don’t need a car, maybe because you work from home and live off your land? Would that be fair and considered a good government program?

What if you didn’t need a cell phone, but the government force issued them to every person, and you had to check into the system daily, by making a couple phone calls and registering your gps/location for the “terrorist protection patriot act” – the TPPA? Maybe you could get a free tracking anklet or bracelet if you pay the higher premium of say, $200.00 a month? The standard mandatory cell phone tax is due every month and if you don’t pay it, the IRS can collect it come April, along with penalties and interest. How do you feel about it, even though you don’t need, want, or believe in mandatory cell phones? Will you protest? Will you stay quiet and pay the penalties or premiums – for the mandatory car insurance and cell phone you don’t even need?

What if you had to buy home owner’s insurance but you were a renter? What about flood insurance? What if EVERY DOLLAR of your paycheck was spoken for, by some government mandate, to make sure you “know how” to spend your money wisely, because you are considered stupid by the tyrannical government, and you need guidance? How does that make you feel? Young healthy people across the country of America are NOT signing up for scam insurance they don’t need, want, or believe in because they are NOT STUPID. It’s that simple. Read the natural news on this and know what is going on, or the next mandatory insurance purchase that comes down the pike might take YOUR whole paycheck!

Obamacare’s success depended in large part on vast numbers of young, healthy Americans signing up for private coverage and paying premiums so that older enrollees’ many health problems could be paid for. Only, vast numbers of young, healthy folk are not signing up in the Obamacare exchanges, and what’s more, there are movements dedicated to keep them from doing so.

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