Consuming ALUMINUM and COPPER – scientifically examining health consequences

dead chicken
Heavy metals mimic each other sometimes, causing imbalance in your system. You can get your brain “clean” of these chemicals and the overload of elements, including radioactive cesium. Chlorella is a binding Superfood along with Spirulina – Mike Adams scientifically validates specific brands, including Natural News top of the line products for detox and “metals capturing capacity.” He dissolves solids and examines them to tell you how much, for example, URANIUM is in your food! Naturally occurring is okay, but he’s looking for radioactive isotopes, like in seaweed, sushi, etc. Learn how to avoid these metals.


Aluminum is toxic to the brain and it’s, wait for it …

Coming from our FOOD supply!


Protect your babies! USA and FDA aren’t helping with this. Organic doesn’t even test for this! We’re not talking about the naturally occurring kind of heavy metals here. Understand the Health Ranger knows what he’s doing. He goes to great lengths and explains details very well and concisely, across the board. Natural News labs examines and exposes rice taking in heavy metals easily, even brown rice. Watch the cadmium and lead. This is pollution of rice. Keeps you from thinking straight – the typical “U.S. voter” who is cognitively impaired enough to keep them from analyzing information and making informed decision before voting – like voting for the clowns that are running things right now.

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Mike Adams, research scientist and heavy metals toxicology expert, reveals why heavy metals are so dangerous to human health.

HEAVY METALS COMPOSITION ANALYSIS: examining hundreds of different foods, superfoods and nutritional products!

Learn more:

There is a cumulative effect and you should address it. An ounce of prevention is worth a POUND of cure! Natural News Tracker and Health Ranger Update keep you informed.


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