Don’t radiate your blood, tissue and organs anymore – look into nontoxic thermograms

If you think about it, nearly every kind of medicine used in Western Medicine (mainly the USA) is comprised of chemicals that cause cancer. This is scientific fact. Every single flu shot and vaccine contain a multitude of chemicals and heavy metals. The argument is always the same – that they only contain these elements in the parts per million or billion, but since they pass through the blood brain barrier, that argument is invalid. Also, just about every single OTC, over the counter medicine, is comprised of a toxic mixture of chemicals and synthetic lab made concoctions, including dangerous, carcinogenic artificial sweeteners like aspartame, petroleum-based (coal tar) food colorings, and lots more. Prescription drugs cause more deaths than car wrecks. Mammograms give women (usually annually) a toxic dose of radiation, as if this has been the protocol for centuries. Mammograms are the devil in sheep’s clothing. They can cause breast cancer. Why would anyone ever take a medicine that causes what they are PRAYING they don’t have? It’s called Western Medicine, where people are convinced if they EAT cancer they won’t get cancer, and if they inject CANCER they won’t get cancer, and if they radiate their cells they won’t get mutated cells. Don’t eat cancer. Don’t drink cancer (fluoridated water and sodas), never inject cancer and don’t get radiated!

We live in the age of idiocracy. But there is salvation. There is sense out there, common sense and the cure for insanity – you just have to know where to look:

As being reported on Natural News: “Thermography is carried out based on infrared heat emission by the body’s tissues. As bodily cells go about their usual metabolic processes, they give out heat. Cancerous tumors tend to emit more infrared heat than their healthy counterparts, i.e. they are hotter.”

Excellent research here! The best topics to address in our modern day:


Learn more:


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