FDA has no limit on arsenic in foods

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Arsenic and aluminum contaminate U.S. tap water supply, but only 5% of the population has a clue – and that’s mostly because their mental capacity to research and understand this has been hampered by heavy metal toxin disorder. Remember, zombies do what the other zombies do, and that is drink tap water and eat arsenic-laden food.

From toxic chicken to “certified organic” from China, foods and drinks in America are laced with IQ lowering toxins, carcinogens, synthetic metal waste from factories, and top it off with Monsanto RoundUp and pesticides.

What to do about it?

The Health Ranger Mike Adams is discovering and sharing vital information and research on these very topics that have NEVER BEFORE been investigated as such. After all, the FDA and the CDC are in bed with Big Pharma, so they certainly aren’t looking out for your health. The latest research shows that children cannot learn properly or to their potential when consuming arsenic, even at really low levels, like 5 ppb. But they’re eating chicken and tuna and rice proteins that contain very high levels of all kinds of toxic heavy metals, like lead, cadmium, mercury, tungsten, aluminum and more. How could this be? Do the CAFOs, the confined animal feeding operations, make this situation horrific? You bet they do. Do the pesticides and herbicides that “corporate” big lot farms and their caretaker use, does all that ruin the water that runs off into lakes, rivers, and aquifers? Yes, surely it does. Who sells out to Monsanto and Bayer chemical divisions for profits, but then uses ten times the amount of toxins on their crops? Conventional food is poisoning humans, animals and the soil. GMO is super-toxic and destructive. GMO is not helping anything. It doesn’t help with starving countries and it certainly has no place in medicine. You better watch what you and your children consume, every day and in every way. Stay tuned to the Health Ranger, watch educational videos, share them at work and in your spare time with relatives and friends. This is how we learn and grow and remain sustainable on this planet. Move forward with your day, feed your brain and heart organic food, and do your best to never consume heavy metal toxins. Here is the research from Natural News:

FDA has no limit on arsenic in foods
Even though the EPA has a limit of 10 ppb of arsenic in drinking water, the FDA has no limit on arsenic in foods, superfoods or supplements. To many Americans, this is bewildering: Why would the FDA have no limit on toxic heavy metals in the U.S. food supply?

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/044839_arsenic_intelligence_schoolchildren.html#ixzz2ziRGDPpa

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