MERS is killing people in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, when does the antibiotic-resistant infection go viral globally?

superbug planet

When I was young, any time I got an infection, surgery, or a high fever, mom would make sure the doctor prescribed antibiotics. Yep, gotta kill that virus, or fungus, or bacterial infection, right? Little did we know that antibiotics are now almost useless, thanks to overuse and thanks to the Big Food industry that injects them into animals to kill infection due to horrific CAFO conditions (confined animal feeding operations). Plus, animals now get infections from eating food (being forced fed) that they would never normally eat, like GMO corn, GMO soy and GMO alfalfa and their byproducts. Antibiotics are over-prescribed across the board by allopathic doctors who either don’t know any better or don’t care. It’s easy to write a pharmaceutical prescription and pretend that you have helped someone, knowing good and well you may be ruining their immunity and even the flora in their gut – the good bacteria that protect them from disease and infection. In comes MERS – Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, that’s killing THREE out of every TEN people it attacks.
No known treatments for Respiratory Syndrome
MERS stands for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and it has no known treatments or cures in the entire world of western medicine. There are no antibiotics, no vaccines, no medications and no medical interventions practiced by conventional medicine which have any ability to reverse a MERS infection. A 30% fatality rate is considered extremely alarming in the world of infectious disease. Influenza typically kills fewer than 1 in 1000 people infected, but MERS is so far killing 3 out of 10.

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Toxic foods and toxic Western medicine could be destroying your natural immunity, which is your last firewall to this MERS attack and others like it. Toxic heavy metals are invading our food and water supply. You can protect yourself. The Health Ranger is doing intense lab work to identify these toxins, tell you which foods remove them from your body, and what herbs and tinctures can build up your immune system and good bacteria for your best holistic line of defense! Find out more:

The root of food toxicity lives in the soil and water. In a series of web-casts and articles posted on Natural News, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger describes the infiltration of toxic metals and even gets specific with food products that are the worst “offenders” of this atrocity. Toxic metals lead to organ failure, mental disorders, and a host of digestive issues that catapult into health detriments of their own. Think of New York City industrial waste, then multiply times a thousand, and you have what is coming out of China as export to America. How much food that you eat, including “certified organic,” comes from China and is causing chaos in your body? Take a look at this examination and food phenomenon being “served” in restaurants across America.


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