Natural food is not as ‘natural’ as it is claimed to be. Know what your food constitutes of to make the correct decision!

According to Natural News, “As a consumer, it’s about getting in to healthy habits. The research is there. People just need to take the time to click and get information. With that information they can be better informed and make the right choices when it comes to their health.”
Our everyday food is loaded with heavy metals, which if consumed in high amounts can prove to be dangerous for our health. Hence, it is extremely important that one is aware of what they are eating on a daily basis.
Our research shows that many common foods contain mercury and other contaminants,” said Natural News. “We are finding and documenting heavy metals in all sorts of dietary products, including organic foods, protein supplements, herbal supplements, beverages, vitamin pills and more.”
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However, there are simple and effective ways by which one can minimize the effects of these heavy metals. For example: eating strawberries can help in capturing mercury during digestion. The fibers present in the strawberry are hard to digest and as such can collect heavy metals and then pass through the human body largely intact. In fact, chlorella, hemp protein and peanut butter are quite helpful in absorbing mercury.
But this is not applicable in the case of other heavy metals. Cadmium, lead and arsenic are not that easy to remove and one therefore needs to make sure that their consumption is limited.
To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the horrifying truth about the issue of different metals used in natural foods and more, one can easily log onto:


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