Think twice before you dine out the next time!

According to Natural News, one should be skeptical about eating out at certain diners, restaurants and “corporate” franchises. Mike created this health news site to inform and educate consumers about pharmaceuticals, medical practices, synthetic additives, vaccines, environmental waste and environmental preservation. His online newsletter also covers holistic living; general lifestyle; human behavior; nature, nurture and cognitive ability; agribusiness and the state of modern education. These and other topics tie into health and environmental well-being.
Through science-based research and journalistic investigation, Natural News is probing and uncovering the case of metal content in food products. Often unknowingly, consumers ingest and absorb hefty doses of metals (heavy metal) from food products under all food categories. It’s because they receive no alerts, and metals are not detectable through taste.

In contrast to dietary trace minerals the human body needs (examples: zinc, iron, selenium, calcium, iodine and magnesium), metals such as lead, tungsten, cadmium, titanium and mercury are toxic. Studies are still being done on the potential links between prolonged toxic metal consumption, cognitive impairment and vital organ dysfunction.

The root of food toxicity, including metal seepage, lies in the soil and water. In a series of webcasts and articles posted on Natural News, Mike describes the infiltration of toxic metals into even the cleanest soil and purest groundwater.
Much of the metal content comes from China’s industrial output. “China is manufacturing a lot of consumer electronics and does not enforce its regulations on pollution,” Mike explained. “Winds carry much of the industrial waste particles from manufacturing facilities. These particles fall onto U.S. soil, particularly in the agricultural Midwest.” This industrial waste also taints foods from China, India and Southeast Asia.
To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the horrifying truth about the issue of eating out and more, one can easily log onto:


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