Civil Unrest? Human rights and respect winning in the alternative media REAL world – while Facebook plays games with your mind and CNN stages events!


Have you noticed the news shows are fake? Yes, they’ve been that way for about 20 years or more. According to Natural News, if you get your news from the television you are watching scripted information being delivered through a great siphon. Plus, Facebook just did a little mind-control experiment with a bunch of it’s “followers.” You didn’t hear? Maybe YOU were one of them. Are you upset? That your government and the mass media can manipulate information that is important to you? They are doing research experiments on humans who are supposed to have Constitutional protection against this very thing.


Currently there is research by our Government (Facebook) of civil unrest. You read that right. 700,000 people’s posts were manipulated as an experiment. Seven hundred thousand Facebook’ers were unknowingly entered into an emotional “study” for a week. The DOD needed to know what its like out there, in that secret world, where the masses might be planning some movement on land like at that “Bundy Ranch” in Colorado recently. They could all be really, really mad at their government and NSA, waiting at all the bridges with automatic guns, and it’s all written in some code on Facebook. They’re just waiting on the go ahead “green light” from Eric Snowden.


“Facebook’s experiment on over half-a-million unsuspecting users has taken a new twist with the revelation that a researcher connected to a Department of Defense-funded program to use the military to quell civil unrest also participated in the study. Social media sites exploded over the weekend after it was revealed that Facebook, no stranger to controversy of late, secretly manipulated posts being seen by nearly 700,000 users in 2012 in order to allow researchers to study how emotional states are transmitted over the platform.”

Check it out for yourself right here:


The attack on Facebook looks set to worsen as it was discovered that one of the authors of the platform’s mind study, Jeffrey T. Hancock of Cornell University, also received funding from the Pentagon’s so-called Minerva Research Initiative to conduct a similar study entitled ‘Modeling Discourse and Social Dynamics in Authoritarian Regimes’.

Learn more from the Health Ranger Mike Adams at Natural News:


“Notice, too, that anyone who dares to tell the truth about the real world gets fired from their jobs. Judge Andrew Napolitano, for example, was booted from Fox News when his opinion speech on the importance of protecting the Constitution simply became too much for the network’s corporate fairytale weavers to bear.”


Natural News


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