Bill Clinton opened America’s doors for “Monsatan” Monsanto, now Hillary is talking the talk of the pesticide food Nation called GMO America



The talk at the Biotech conference is of drought resistant food they call GMO. Yes, she will back Biotech’s agenda of absolute control of the world’s fruit and vegetable seeds, and she will owe Biotech billions for their campaign support. It’s the beginning of her long career with Monsanto, unless America wakes up in the next two years and ousts all of the Politicians, whether Republican or Democratic, that support GMO – pesticide loaded and insecticide loaded and herbicide loaded food. Biotech is all about the money and control of our seed supply, while they infuse the genes in seeds that create bug killer and weed killer, and that gets into the human stomach and does the same. Have no doubts. Monsanto runs the FDA right now and they want MORE CONTROL. Monsanto just may be running for president, with a pseudo name that sounds like some responsible rich person who cares about the planet. Don’t let Hillary Clinton “go to bat” for you with her Biotech money and policies that will CREATE DROUGHTS where all of America’s major farms are polluted with poisonous RoundUP, BT toxins and petrochemical fertilizers, not to mention the fluoridated water and millions of sick animals in CAFOs about to wind up at the Fast Food Outlets off every highway exit and in every metro city near you.


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