One should be careful about drinking HFCS-sweetened beverages


According to Natural News, research presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior, also known as SSIB, reveals a difference between adult animals that consume HFCS-sweetened beverages and adolescent animals that consume the same. The amounts of HFCS used in the research were very similar to the amounts of GMO sugar found in common soft drinks. The study was conducted over one month. The lead author of the study said it’s no secret that soft drinks can lead to not only metabolic disturbances but interference with the brain’s ability to function normally and remember “critical information” about one’s environment.

The rats that consumed these soft drinks in excess may be directly compared to humans, because a comparison of human DNA to 12 other animals shows that we are more closely related to rats than to cats! Stretches of DNA we call genes are part of definitive evidence that we are indeed closer to rodents than we are to felines. The same genes occur in both humans and rodents but were not even observed until about a decade ago. In fact, humans also suffer similar inflammation of the brain that controls learning and memory functions.

Dr. Scott Kanoski from the University of Southern California explained, “The hippocampus is such a critical brain region for memory function. In many ways this region is a canary in the coal mine, as it is particularly sensitive to insult by various environmental factors, including eating foods that are high in saturated fat and processed sugar.”

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If your child is suffering from memory loss, poor grades at school, confusion, depression, ADHD, ADD or even autism, take the child to a Naturopathic Physician and start asking vital questions about genetically modified corn and HFCS. You might just find the answers that you’ve been looking for since the problems first presented.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about HFCS-sweetened beverages, one can easily log onto:


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