Wanna hear three jokes in once sentence? Wikipedia, WebMd and the CDC.

 bad doc (2)

People watch television and they look stuff up in dictionaries. People get flu shots and they go to an MD when they get really sick. Some people try to be their own doctors and they look stuff up on line about their persistent health ills. Some people do it ALL wrong, over and over and over and over. Welcome to America, home of the lazy and sick. No offense to the Americans, like me, who aren’t lazy and sick, but if you look for research on anything on Wikipedia, you are getting a standard definition that could be skewed and modified to fit a political agenda, just like when they told us Christopher Columbus was a noble man who discovered America.


If you’re like millions of Americans who try to solve their own health ills, mainly because MDs in this country are quacks and prescription writing fiends who make $300,000+ a year giving people chemical meds for chemically-induced sicknesses, diseases and disorders that come from chemical food and chemical medicine, – if you are suffering this way you may be researching your own demise on line, relying on a website for information that is made and maintained by Big Pharma, the same “guys” trying to put you in their hospitals and keep you as a client for life. WebMd is a big joke if you want answers to health questions.


And now, if you still trust the BAD MEDICINE THUGS OF AMERICA to dish you some working meds and the truth about disease, infection, birth defects, autism, full-spectrum autism, chemically-induced abortion from pesticides, or anything of the sort – then you are a fool, because the AMA, the CDC, the ADA and the FDA are enemies of organic health and our environment. They are not protecting you properly, and now evidence from a key inside Whistle-Blower is going viral all over the world wide web. If you turn off the TV now, and log-off of the FAKE medical dictionary on line, and finally tune in to the TRUE history of Medicine in America over the past century, you will know the truth about YOUR health and your children, if you have any. Tune into Natural News and get the real deal on vaccine dangers and how organic food can protect you and heal you from just about any sickness on the planet!


Here are the resources you need for all of this:







Mainstream Media Lies about Vitamin D Deficiency and Parkinson’s with Deceptive Headlines http://www.naturalnews.com/024506_mainstream_media_Vitamin_D.html#ixzz3BVhE7eKK




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