Get ready for the US Military Ebola “Strike Team” to Visit Homes all across America!

3 stooges

Will you be drawn and “quartered,” like a Jewish person in the Holocaust? Are you a “trader of the state” if you have a fever and don’t report it to Obama’s henchmen? What will they do with all the flu victims this winter? What if you flew to Africa, or Dallas, Texas recently? You know there’s a 42 day watch period necessary to see if you really have Ebola after being exposed to someone with it? Yes, so if the CDC was honest and cruel, they would quarantine everyone with a fever this winter for 42 days, away from their families and work, in a safe place, like some old prison that isn’t being used anymore, or maybe at a mental hospital where there are rooms to strap you down and vaccinate you with some strain of Ebola, that might not even be the right one. But still, the CDC is preparing and taking steps to protect the people of America, as they hose the Ebola off the streets and leave people’s sheets in their homes for days that are contaminated with Ebola virus.

Yes, here’s the report as covered by Natural News:

“CNN said Pentagon officials have confirmed the formation of the team, which will be able to quickly deploy any time over the next month.” Learn more:

CNN reported further that the Defense Department “has been working to determine what assistance it could offer the civilian health care sector” THE CIVILIAN HEALTH CARE SECTOR

1984 came true

Prepare to deploy!! It’s like the three stooges are coming to your Ebola rescue. A military task force that knows NOTHING about infectious disease and never went to medical college or studied natural remedies is going to suit up with some Biohazard Gear and ready their weapons for helping medical professionals do their “job” with you – which is WHAT? What exactly is the task force’s job? To transport some screaming, fighting Ebola suspects who just have flu or diarrhea and are freaking out?

bad doc (2)

Does the task force protect us from ourselves, or from the Sheriff trying to protect the innocent, healthy people and their rights?

The “civilian health care sector” is nothing but a bunch of dumb, sick zombies going to work, buying into Obamacare, and waiting for the HHS/DHS/FEMA and the Red Cross to show up and save them. That’s the very system that made them sick and dumb in the first place, along with the FDA and all the toxic food and medicine out there!

Who’s tracking all this madness?

The Natural News Tracker!


Follow along with 1,000’s of others and get current coverage of Natural Health News on the front lines:


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