Top 4 Reasons Lack of Sleep Makes Your Life Miserable

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cant sleep (2)

You’ve heard the rationale and reasons for lack of sleep before …

“I only need a few hours of sleep” – “I couldn’t get to sleep “ – “I tossed and turned all night” These and many other experiences could cause several problems in your health, but I would like to point out four prominent concerns you should be aware of …

#1. Lack of Sleep Makes You Fat

Your body produces the chemical Leptin, which is responsible for you sensing that you are full. The lack of sleep reduces the level of Leptin which in turn causes you to eat more than necessary. In addition, the body’s related chemical, Ghrelin which controls your appetite, increases with the lack of sleep. The combination of feeling hungry and not stopping eating when you should results in storage of unneeded fat. Extended periods of sleep deprivation easily sets the stage for obesity.

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