Biotech Industry Front-Group Writer/Producer busted in Court Documents for Wife/Child abuse – leads to series of articles on Natural News revealing GMO conspiracy!

gmo sign modify

Is a conspiracy theorist a paranoid teenager or a Vietnam Veteran who points out the obvious about Big Government trying to lie, cheat, steal-from and slow-kill the people it represents, or is a conspiracy Big Government hiring writers to shoot down natural cures and natural remedies that save millions of lives every year? I’ll let you decide, and then read a shining example, the epitome, of one of the biggest corporate media shills to walk the earth the past few decades, declaring evil is good and good is bad. This man is cold-busted abusing his wife and possibly his daughter, as revealed in court documents, and has been paid by major corporations, newspapers, television networks and probably the White House, to write good things about toxic (genetically modified) chemicals in foods and also to write very defamatory pieces about people and entities who try to uncover the fact that chemical agriculture in America is wiping out hundreds of thousands of people with cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other preventable diseases.

The man named Jon Entine and the words domestic violence should be easily found in search engines, because alternative media is going viral with a story about a Biotech Media shill who’s finally uncovered, so we can all have piece of mind, knowing what we know, thanks to Mike Adams revealing it all on Natural, including court documents that show Jon Entine repeatedly twists information in the news to help spread propaganda and tear down natural health news. Let’s all celebrate by learning the truth about GMO with the latest breaking news about their MOUTHPIECE THAT GOT BUSTED!

Jon Entine was exposed as a Wikipedia vandal who used the public platform to smear research scientist Seralini whose research questioned the safety of GMOs. As explained on the Jon Entine page at Entine has also worked to undermine Saralini on Wikipedia, using the handle “runjonrun”. GM Watch was alerted by Wikipedia users to the fact that Entine was one of the early editors on a one-sided and originally potentially libellous Wikipedia article called “The Seralini affair”, which denigrated Seralini’s study and Seralini himself.

Biotech Shill full report and court docs as PDFs:


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