Trick “News IQ Quiz” going viral on internet for the masses to “try for fun”

obama stinks (2)

Here are the “Trick Survey” answers (that aren’t provided as a choice, conveniently). The survey was posted by Pew Research Center recently (numbers, facts and trends shaping your world) – What a joke!

#1. Where (and what) is ISIS (what country do they function in)? Bad news for the patriot masses: The U.S. created ISIS just like we created Al Qaiada. We give money to rebels to purposely and further disrupt unstable governments in third world countries that have lots of natural resources we can then steal during a declared “war” on terrorism, including Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. The US actually supports pharmaceutical terrorism all over the world, especially in African nations.

#2. What does the term “common core” refer to: Common core means true history is covered up and American schools teach the kids convenient lies so they’ll think things like, “war is good for the…

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