Intelligent questions concerning vaccines, GMOs, medications and fluoride

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What kind of “medicine” needs a slush fund of $3,000,000,000 (that’s 3 billion) to payoff the parents of injured children to keep their mouths shut about how the “medicine” ruined their child’s life, health, and future? What kind of hypocrites like to see other people suffer while they are suffering? All of them. They are angry, depressed, stressed and misery loves company, so if you eat GMO, get flu shots, drink fluoridated water, eat and drink diet foods with artificial sweeteners, and you like MSG processes foods and hydrogenated soybean oil, then the suffering MUST continue, for the masses, so they won’t feel so alone, right?

Many people ask, “how did I get cancer?” “When did it start?” “Is it contagious?


Cancer IS contagious, but not in the sense you may be thinking. Cancer is contagious because cancer food is being sold on…

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