Attention FDA and CDC: Why not mandate mercury, aluminum and fluoride supplements with Obamacare, since they’re all natural and good for you?

ng lies

David Rice Reporting a World Health News Update:

The biggest lies are most likely to be believed, and that’s why National Geographic is telling us a few of them, mixed in with climate change. Even if vaccinations didn’t lead to autism (which they do), why would a “nature” and “science” magazine tout them or blast them either way? It’s obvious it’s a sales tactic, and the money must be streaming in. Vaccines are a violent way to conjure up an immune reaction, and they are laced with mercury and formaldehyde. It’s like embalming the living and expecting healthy results. This is NOT science and National Geographic knows it, but they don’t care. They like the money. They totally forgot to say fluoride doesn’t cause cancer and brittle bones, though. Not sure why they left that out. They did say GMO food is evil. They really meant that one. Saying that pesticide is good for you would be like saying the earth is flat. Now that’s science! Christopher Columbus the mass murderer doesn’t like being remembered that way, and National Lie-O-Graphic will go down in history as a shill of a magazine, just a huckster of science, selling kids and adults alike on “science-based” lies, but not on the REAL science they NEVER want to reveal about vaccines, fluoridation of water, and GMO – genetically mutated pesticide food that causes cancer. The world infamous magazine might as well sell us on healthy cigarettes like JAMA did for the AMA not 70 years ago. Should we talk about 9/11 and building 7 now or later?

bldg 7

The latest cover of National Geographic is typical of the U.S. mass hysteria about vaccine safety. Let’s herd together all the sheep and keep them dumb, right? The Mass media – they lump in big lies with bigger lies, and act like we’re all stupid enough to believe that 2 + 2 = 5.

The liars always use the biggest lies they can and repeat them over and over.

Here it is right from the cover, where they’re calling it a “War on Science” – even though science proves GMO and vaccines contain deadly toxins:

“Climate change does not exist. Evolution never happened. The moon landing was fake. Vaccinations can lead to autism. Genetically modified food is evil.”

What a big load of hooptie! National Geographic is becoming a mouthpiece for Big Pharma and Big Food and the Biotech Industry.

Meanwhile we’re flying in some new Ebola! Have you heard?

“A total of 18 people potentially exposed to the Ebola virus while working in Africa have been sent back to the United States for health monitoring, news media have reported.”

And Children’s Medicine, meanwhile, is laced with heavy metal toxins! This just made Natural Health News headlines: “Johnson & Johnson, maker of Children’s Tylenol and Motrin, has pleaded guilty to charges it sold contaminated products to consumers.”

All while the CDC’s own whistleblowers says vaccines DO cause autism and they covered it up! “Breaking: CDC Whistleblower confesses to MMR vaccine research fraud in historic public statement”

china fluoride

US World News and Magazines Full of Hypocrisy and Propaganda

So, let’s put this all together in a nutshell so we can see the big lie. National Geographic magazine is telling the world vaccines are safe and that you are a paranoid nutjob if you don’t get your full schedule of 30 vaccines by age 6, all containing carcinogens and highly dangerous toxins like MSG, aluminum, thimerosal (mercury form), aluminum, and hydrolyzed gelatin. Science-based Western Medicine is swearing to us with all their might that their vaccines, flu shots and chemical lab-made medicines work, all while kids are dying from the vaccine injections and prescription medications TAKEN AS DIRECTED are one of the leading causes of preventable death in the USA, leading even traffic deaths. Science-based allopathy is screaming they’re right about medicine, even while their own TOP SCIENTISTS are confessing to laboratory testing fraud and fabricating results to keep government contracts, while giving African American boys autism at high rates, not to mention all the other children who’s parents have been compensated for vaccine injury to the tune of $3 BILLION DOLLARS!

The insanity goes on. Let’s consider the paranoia, on their part. Western Medicine is putting full faith in vaccines as the hero of modern medicine, all while they can’t find a vaccine that cures Ebola, yet they’re flying in doctors who were JUST EXPOSED to Ebola victims in Africa, back to the United States, where they say they’ll keep a close eye on them. How? Last time we saw this absurd government promise to enforce self-quarantine, these infected doctors and nurses were out drinking beer at bowling alleys and going to office parties and taking cab rides, even while feeling ill! They weren’t staying in their home, in a bedroom quarantined off with hazmat materials, that’s for sure. So the logic is out the window. They’re saying they have everything under control with vaccines, yet one of the most deadly diseases that kills 2 out of every 3 victims, is being imported to America and tested in public. Maybe they did fake the moon landing. Maybe building seven was “demolitioned” too. It surely didn’t get knocked down from the rattling of the ground when the other building fell, and no office fire has EVER brought down a building built with steel like that. Maybe the earth is flat too. Let’s just lump all the lies in with some propaganda that keeps anyone from doing any homework on anything, so they never know the truth. That’s the mass media for you.

Watch Loose Change III: (2015)

Remember this: Vaccines are violent. You don’t go injecting mercury into muscle tissue to build immunity. You see, 2 + 2 is 4, and you can’t ever tell me otherwise.

Here’s a quick reference list you should keep of the toxic vaccine ingredients and their adverse effects:

  • Bovine cow serum: Extracted from cow skin. When injected causes connective tissue disorders, arthritis and lupus; also shortness of breath, low blood pressure, chest pain and skin reactions. • Sorbitol: Synthetic sweetener which metabolizes very slowly and aggravates IBS and gastrointestinal issues. • Gelatin: Derived from the collagen inside animals’ skin and bones. Injecting gelatin poses the risk of infection from synthetic growth hormones and BSE infectivity (mad cow disease). • Sodium chloride: Raises blood pressure and inhibits muscle contraction and growth. • Egg protein: Vaccines are prepared in eggs (certainly not organic). May contain growth hormones, antibiotics, and salmonella bacteria. • Thimerosal: A neurotoxic mercury which causes autism: There are 25 mcg in one average flu vaccine, and the EPA safety limit is 5 micrograms, so children who are vaccinated simultaneously with multiple* vaccines receive over 10 times the safety limit of mercury in one day. • Human albumin: The protein portion of blood from pooled human venous plasma; when injected causes fever, chills, hives, rash, headache, nausea, breathing difficulty, and rapid heart rate. Injecting “pooled blood” can result in a loss of body cell mass and cause immunodeficiency virus infection, or contain SV40, AIDS, cancer or Hepatitis B from drug addicts. • Formaldehyde: Highly carcinogenic fluid used to embalm corpses. Ranked one of the most hazardous compounds to human health; can cause liver damage, gastrointestinal issues, reproductive deformation, respiratory distress and cancer. Plus, formaldehyde has been known to fail to deactivate the virus the vaccine is intended to cure, thus enabling a live virus to enter your blood and infect your system. • Phenoxyethanol: A glycol ether/chemical; highly toxic to the nervous system, kidneys, and liver. The FDA warns “can cause shut down of the central nervous system (CNS), vomiting and contact dermatitis” in cosmetics; imagine when injected into your blood. • Aluminum phosphate: Greatly increases toxicity of mercury, so caution about minimum mercury tolerance is therefore severely underestimated. CDC scientists and all doctors are well aware of this. • MSG (monosodium glutamate): When injected becomes a neurotoxin, causing CNS disorders and brain damage in children.

Then you have TOXIC TAP water: Fluoride put in municipal taps doubles as insecticide. It is an industrial toxic byproduct and it causes lower IQ, brittle bones and cancer. Ever wonder which nation in the world has more osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s? Check those stats and then look through your telescope at the moon. It’s not flat, you know!

Here’s the Fluoride Deception Movie you can watch for free:

The terrorists are all around you and they’re called politicians, lobbyists and the spreaders of propaganda. This is like Nazi America, and if you don’t wake up and smell the toxic coffee they’re serving, well then you’ll be dying in a bed from chemotherapy. After all, chemo is what kills cancer patients more often that the cancer itself, because death to immunity is death to the human being. Put that in your “pipe” and smoke it!

Hey Big Tobacco, we got a cure for you too! It’s called the organic method. Attention everyone who likes their health and wants to keep it; turn OFF the television, throw away the propaganda newspaper and magazines, including National Neo-Nazi-Graphic, and learn natural cures and natural remedies that have been around for millennium!

Organic method to quit smoking right here:

Organic ways to change your eating habits right here:

Medical Freedom Rights here:

Piecing it all Together!

Bottom line: vaccines, cigarettes, GMO and fluoridated water all contain toxic ingredients that fuel cancer, heart disease, central nervous system disorders and a host of health detriment. Learn more from the Natural News Tracker and follow the Health Ranger, Mike Adams. This has been a public service announcement.


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