Top 10 vulnerable moments that send former smokers back to cigarettes

burnn cig

1. Something stressful happens and it’s freaking you out.

2. You’re at a bar, with a drink in hand, and nearby someone is smoking your old brand.

3. A triple whammy: you find yourself in the same place you frequently smoked, in the same situation and with the same friends or coworkers who still smoke and offer you one.

4. You cave in, refusing to recall how unhealthy (and ostracized) you were as a smoker.

5. You’re on vacation and “all bets are off” when it comes to eating and “luxury” habits.

6. You discover you have an illness and/or develop the “we’re all going to die anyway” mentality.

7. You’re going through relationship difficulties.

8. You’re making more money so you can afford cigarettes now.

9. You’ve tried medications like Chantix or Zyban, but the anxiety and nightmares are unbearable.

10. Everyone around you is negative, so you cope by lighting up.

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