Welcome to the Domestic Military Industrial Complex – Guard Your Health!

walmart tank (2)

Coincidence? I think not. Of the five US states that shut down Walmart stores for six months with just a few hours notice to employees, of those five states, four of them happen to be in “hostile” states where the military will begin casual undercover drills called Jade Helm 15 in July, so see how the public reacts, if they aren’t too stupid to know they’re there. Will the military need mass supplies for this endeavor and an “outlet” in which to store them, or will something BIG take place that requires FEMA to act like they’re helping by setting up emergency supply centers at Walmart? Nobody knows the answer to that one, and you certainly won’t find out by calling the Walmart CEOs or the White House. Still, the intelligent observer who reads alternative (real) news can add two plus two, and whenever the US government, or police or FBI practice for engagement, something coincidentally (or not) happens in the same vicinity, at the same time, and with pinpoint accuracy. Then, the CNN script follows and Wolfe Blitzer and Anderson Cooper are there (with blue screen fake backgrounds) to interview the besieged victim’s families for the world to sympathize and brew fear. (http://www.naturalnews.com/049369_Walmart_store_closings_plumbing_problems.html)

Since Walmart sells nearly everything GMO and processed, manufactured by corporate America and made with plastic, formaldehyde and leather, one could expect that same corporate mentality and productivity to succumb to pressure from the government to support a war effort, or a revolution resistance effort, as it may come to be. When the financial markets implode and the money-printing frenzy shakes loose the debt avalanche, inflation will erupt like a volcano, and the economic tsunami will “cover up” the middle class, erasing those taxpaying, patriot-waving citizen’s respect for what they thought was a government that cared about people, the Constitution and the Flag.

Are the closed Walmart stores to serve as outposts for supplies and FEMA centers during World War III?

Walmart Super-centers are nearly the same square footage as a professional or college football stadium, with massive storage space, open floor plan and huge parking lots. Did you know some college football stadiums hold as many as 100,000 people during a game? How many people, sick or injured, could you fit in a Super-sized Walmart, with tents in the parking lots and military “swat” police to keep order? That’s a good question.

Welcome to the Domestic Military Industrial Complex – DMIC


Could it be that the closed Walmarts are the new Re-Education Centers (Concentration Camps) where non-patriots (anyone who disagrees with Obama on anything) are brought (captured at gunpoint and delivered) to watch short films about how the government cares very much about the people (their money and health demise) and taught to respect the New World Order as the economy implodes thanks to Wall Street, Mass Bank Runs and Globalist greed. Will your guns be taken from you, and your internet too, and will you be read your “rights” on the way to the Walmart FEMA Re-education centers this summer and fall? Stay tuned, because we will.


What was the Boston Marathon Bombing really, other than the Obama administration flexing it’s surburbia Militia for the world to watch on TV, dragging people at gunpoint out of their homes in the name of liberty? What was that stressful week, but a CNN script acted out on the people of Boston to instill fear that Islam hates America so much that kids blow up bombs in the name of …. well, anything CNN says. And so it’s time to practice patrolling big US metropolitan cities and suburbs with military force, just like North Korea does, to see how well they can handle it, and prepare for the civil war. What will serve as the perfect military outposts? Walmarts? They certainly don’t ALL have the same 6-month mass plumbing issue that arose out of thin air, requires no paperwork with the city and takes the exact same amount of time for six stores to fix. Wow. Those are some really leaky toilets!

Silence is “golden,” but it can also be quite dangerous, cause you know they’re planning something besides “practice.” It’s called staging, and here are some of the supplies they (The U.S. Government and it’s rogue agencies) have been stocking up on:

Mysterious military executive “moves” and purchases over past few years:

FEMA orders mass coffin storage units


DHS orders mass supply of radiation pills, automatic weapons (Obama tried to outlaw from the public), hollow-point bullets and special armor tanks for rolling through cities of America


DHS prepares for a 7-year war against Americans



Staged drama at schools and public events to drum up political support for ending the 2nd Amendment rights



Publishing addresses of people who own guns in New York State



Perpetuating a war on terror (mass hypnosis) so voters will support having their own rights taken away, like privacy, free speech and internet access to real news





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