How the federal government is misusing the laws and rules for their own benefit!

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According to Natural News, the Bureau of Land Management, created in 1946 under the federal government’s Department of the Interior, now owns a whopping 247.3 million acres, or one-eighth of American lands. Most BLM land is out West. In 1994, policy makers enacted stricter land regulations requiring that ranchers pay double what they were currently paying to graze their cattle.

The BLM’s tactics are unnecessary, severely unconstitutional, inhumane, covert.

Most people respect that the federal government owns and protects national monuments and parks like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. What many don’t know is that these protected lands are only a tiny fraction of the total land owned by the federal government. In fact, more than 80 percent of federally owned land is controlled by the BLM, which is precariously mismanaged, overregulated and used for covert gain.

Since 1994, the BLM has been fining ranchers outrageous fines and seizing their belongings and property while arming its agents to intimidate Americans into compliance. At the Bundy ranch, BLM agents tried to force dissenters into “free speech zones.”

It’s now apparent that this government institution is out of control, inhumane and unconstitutional. In a historic, climactic moment, patriotic Americans actually had to assert both their First and Second Amendment rights as they confronted BLM agents, ultimately freeing Bundy’s stolen cattle.

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The federal government issued a statement that the Justice Department’s DEA would not be going after federally sanctioned reservations if they wanted to grow and sell their own marijuana.

This decision was based on Oregon U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall’s expressed concern from tribal members about growing marijuana on reservations in states that legalized its use recently: Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Alaska.

“That’s been the primary message tribes are getting to us as U.S. attorneys,” Marshall said from Portland, according to The Seattle Times. “What will the U.S. as federal partners do to assist tribes in protecting our children and families, our tribal businesses, our tribal housing?”

The USA has 326 federally recognized native tribal reservations. Most of them are in states that don’t allow even medical marijuana use. Yet the answer was that reservations can make their own rules about marijuana, an interesting response that has some growers and marijuana shops in legalized states concerned about potential competition.

Those concerns are based on how tribes have profited from reservation sales of untaxed cigarettes and how some tribes have successfully exploited gaming casinos. It’s been observed that profits from such enterprises do directly benefit tribal reservations more than gaming casinos benefit non-tribal communities that have gambling.

Alison Holcomb, who was largely involved with drafting Washington state’s current legal marijuana status, claimed, “The reality is that so much of the market depends on convenience, it’s not just price that drives consumer choices.”

But John Evich, owner of a legal marijuana store near two Indian reservations in Bellingham, Washington, disagreed. He used to stock up on chewing tobacco at the Nooksack reservation because it was 30 percent cheaper. Medical marijuana is not taxed, but recreational marijuana is.

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