World’s first independent, anti-propaganda search engine – A Natural News exclusive

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When I was in high school, there was no internet, but I wish there was. There was a library and some encyclopedias, and then there was the news on TV. I knew most of the stuff was bogus, but what choices did we all really have back then. Today, search engines are your own immediate ultimate tool for finding what you want to read about, research, share and grow information at the speed of light. You can analyze and synthesize in seconds and nobody can stop you. Well, not til the NSA got a hold of things. And Google.

Brain activity, computer artwork.

The old story with Google was that the inventors were a few hot shot inventors who were so smart they wouldn’t even LET the government hire them. Big Lie. The censoring was set in place from the beginning and just like the AMA, CDC, FDA, nobody is looking out for you for free. They all get paid and paid well to CENSOR INFORMATION and give you what ADDS to your health detriment, controlling your purchasing, from food choices to clothing to cars. From free speech burying to complete blackouts of coverage that doesn’t support corporate America. Now websites and searches are banned, blocked, and deleted from history on Google, YouTube, Facebook and Wikipedia. So what to do about it?

Simple. Start a HUGE NEW search engine that keeps all the great REAL research and ban the government’s BS and chemical medicine lies from posting their propaganda. Ha. Sweet redemption in the face of NSA and the propaganda machine of politics control of food and medicine, free speech and the right to bear arms. Let’s talk about freedom of press again, and make the search on line LEGITIMATE.


This will be “the world’s first independent, anti-propaganda search engine that filters out corporate propaganda and government disinformation. The search engine is free to submit to and free to use.” Learn more:


Try TruthWiki:

You can put in your own website address TO THE NEW SEARCH ENGINE right now so that your REAL news can be heard across the world and NOT censored. Make history and keep the truth about natural remedies, natural healing, critical thinking and the ultimate sharing of research alive and well. This is the way. Be a part of it now.

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