Strange “Jade Helm” map coincidence revealed – turn US map slightly and the Southwest states planned for martial law MATCHES map of Middle East

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Is the US planning to invade Iran? Why would our leaders be dumb enough to use a war plan map as a template for war “practice” in Texas? Which states are hostile and which ones are friendly and do they completely correspond to our enemies and allies in the Middle East? Will Jade Helm also coincidentally coincide with total US economic collapse and a new false flag terror “drill.” You know, there were “drills” going on right before 9/11 and US flew nearly every fighter jet away from DC and New York before the two planes hit the two buildings. We still haven’t heard an explanation as to why building seven was demolished and why there was a round missile sized hole and no plane wreckage/carnage at the Pentagon on Sept. 11th. Is war to be staged or engaged, and with whom? Some nation we claim is full of terrorists, or is this governments war on the people, who are figuring out that war means investment returns to politicians, not protecting us from anyone. War means protecting themselves from the people they rule in America. Leaders hide behind targets in front of all the people they serve for a reason. Is Jade Helm preparation for the New World Order that George H. Bush was working so hard to accomplish, but failed miserably? With NDAA in place and a year and a half left of rule for the ruthless tyrant Obama, the administration and the globalists are scrambling fast to use what power they have left with this nefarious US war complex and seize as MUCH POWER as possible before the revolution really strikes. Printing money and fighting fake wars might be at its threshold, and Jade Helm may be a PERMANENT OCCUPATION of hostile states, because we all know one thing for sure, once the American Government sinks they’re claws in something, they never release it again. Just think of the patriot act that took away a huge piece of the Constitution.

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The Boston bombing at the marathon, whether staged or real, served one END GOAL and that was to make sure the American people are ready to tolerate MARTIAL LAW in their own suburban white neighborhoods and a big city. Obama, the bankster gangsters and all those conspiring wanted to see if America actually liked tanks rolling down suburbia and military “patriots” pulling them out of their houses like people who have NO rights but just want to help in the fight against terror, because, of course, terror is ALL around us, at every mall, every burger joint and of course, at the liquor stores and pornography stores. Jade helm is “practice” and “training.” It’s the first quarter of the superbowl though, and those who aren’t players are simply spectators, waiting for CNN and FOX news to tell them what to do, what to think, how to pray and what to pray for. With all the emotional coverage that comes with each and every tragedy, the next staged event could be the a permanent stage that’s never dismantled, and with no “final act” but military occupation and more occupation of Americas towns, cities, farms, deserts and complete control of all the food and water the inhabitant consume.

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Sources, including professional articles and news video footage:

JADE HELM MAP COINCIDENCE: (turn US map to angle and matches Middle East)

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, shows everyone how Natural Health News, InfoWars and other alternative media reported on the Police State of America long ago, predicting exactly the state of extremity were are living in right now:

“Up until the last two years, anyone who suggested a police state was on the march in America was mocked as a paranoid kook. The mocking stopped when even the leftist media could no longer deny police were arming up with mine-proof armored cars, battlefield weapons and storm trooper gear complete with black masks. Now, as police brutality is being unleashed all across America — mostly in inner cities targeting African-Americans — the same leftist media that denied the existence of the police state is suddenly screaming for it to stop.” Learn more: s


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