The adverse effects of pain medications and the need of natural substances

Pain medications and drug reactions are two major culprits of bad health conditions, which can also turn out to be fatal at some point in time. The adverse effects of such medications are not unknown but still, according to Natural News, people are inclining more and more towards such medicines. These can give rise to some heath conditions like stroke, heart attack and even cancer. But still, just to get relief from excruciating pain, people end up taking the help of these medicines. Even when suggested by doctors, people are seemingly “sweeping under the rug” all the dreadful consequences these can lead to.
Among different types of pain killers that are available in the market, opiate medications, COX 2 inhibitors and also NASIDs deserve “special” mention. Thousands of people die every day by taking such pills, without knowing the consequences. Losing someone due to side effects of pain killers rather…

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