USA globalists to thwart their own fake ISIS attack on American soil (satire)

Natural News Tracker


In a bold move that will certainly excite politicians, America will almost drop a nuclear bomb on its own soil, catching it with a huge net at the last second, while explaining that the FBI, the federal bureau of intimidation, has thwarted the terrorist plan to end life on earth. Immediately following the big “catch,” Americans will be forced to buy terrorist insurance, a rider that costs $500.00 per month that attaches to their homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, renters insurance, health insurance, and any other insurance policy already in place. Some GOP insiders say this nuclear bomb net is not full proof, and hasn’t been tested properly, and they’re suggesting a different staged attack to thwart, like a fake nuclear plant meltdown or a strange strand of ebola that has no symptoms but for which all Americans MUST be force-inoculated with a swine/bird flu/ebola flu combo vaccine made by Merck.

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