America’s “Whole” Wheat – – The “Elephant in the Room” that Might Already Be GMO

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So wheat’s not GMO in America yet, as far as we know. Does it matter? The latest reports say that farmers are dousing their crop with Roundup (glyphosate) right before harvest, so you might be eating MORE pesticide with non-GMO wheat than you are with GMO corn and GMO soy. Let’s talk about toxic herbicides now, a class of pesticides that destroy weeds and humans. Let’s talk about caking food with poison right before it goes into the silos. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.


Some farmers have found GM wheat growing on their organic farms. Monsanto has settled in the millions for cases of this nature. Why? Because GM wheat, which isn’t supposed to be planted on US soil, was planted, is growing, and is contaminating organic farms with seeds that contain chemicals. This is why most of the rest of the world bans GM from being…

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