Exit the vicious cycle of cigarettes and enter the healthy, organic way of life – Research on Maca and Mucuna provides high success for ending smoking habit

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Research on maca and mucuna, superfoods that come in powder and supplement, is proving to help more people quit cigarettes and at a higher success rate than any other cessation (quit smoking) method in the world. As they say, nutrition kills the cigarette fix, but who knew it could be this straightforward and easy to accomplish?

Today, we have several hundred ex-smokers who follow our blog because we keep up with Natural Health News and are always assisting folks with advice so they never return to being a smoker.

One of the recurring conversations is about food and supplements, two of our favorite subjects and the core subjects of our intense research for the past decade. Ex-smokers want to be sure they never return to smoking, so they go with the advice they followed when they quit, and that was build a strong nutrient base and learn about the powers of maca, mucuna, and dark organic chocolate.

Investigative reporter S.D. Wells from NaturalNews.com and Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Editor-in-Chief of Natural News, have reported on how so many chemicals now found in the food industry are the very SAME chemicals found in cigarettes. It’s that vicious cycle people get locked into, and it doesn’t have to be cigarettes, for it can just as easily be obesity or alcohol, or depression/anxiety meds, or all of the above.

Natural Health News (NaturalNews.com) is the most popular health news website in the world with over seven million unique visitors monthly, and they don’t just publish news on food and supplements. Over the past four years, I’ve collected about fifty professional articles on quitting smoking and have added this knowledge, research and insight to the original 60 minute natural cessation course “14AndOut.”

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The success of “14AndOut – Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days” is all thanks to the RIGHT food and supplements, and everyone who emails their testimonial (I have hundreds) about their success has something great to say about my food recommendations. So that brings us to discuss how food rescues the quitting smoker, who has the will to quit but would love to know “the way.” The way out. The way out of the nicotine dependency that ruins their confidence, their fitness, and their health in general. Removing food chemicals from your daily intake is the first order of business, but you really have to know which ones.

Natural News enthusiasts are keeping up with breaking news about new studies and research that reveal toxins in food that corrupt the central nervous system, destroy critical thinking, interfere with synapses, destroy enzymes and good gut bacteria, and we REMOVE them from our steady diets. Once you can point out the major “villains” your are well on your way to ideal health and longevity. People think its difficult to change but it’s rather easy and enjoyable. Food criminals are out there, like GMO, gluten, bleached white food, microwave ovens, tap water and flu shots, but who knew? Let’s break it down “Health Basics” style and start from the start. Here we go.

Remove Chemicals from your Daily Consumption and Exit the Vicious Cycle!

bad cycle

Let’s get right to the point here, I know you have NO time to waste. Stop drinking tap water now. Tap water contains sodium fluoride, an industrial by-product toxin that serves as an insecticide and lowers human IQ. It also causes cancer and brittle bones. It doesn NOT help your teeth in any way, shape or form. That was all a big fat lie. This is well researched, trust me!


Stop eating white foods, as most of them are BLEACHED white and bleach causes loss of nutrients, cancer of the bladder and pancreas, and lowered immunity. This is well researched.

Do not eat GMO food. Many people worry about putting on weight when they stop smoking and consuming GMO food is a fast track to that. So is aspartame – the most volatile food sweetening synthetic agent in the food system right now. It too is genetically modified in a lab, just like MSG – monosodium glutamate – the concentrated salt that makes you fat.

GMO – it may be the most sinister, sneaky kind of food poison there is. You can’t taste the poison, and you can’t wash it off the fruits and vegetables. It’s “woven” into the genetic makeup of the seeds and thus the plants. Insecticide and herbicide is growing inside the corn, soy, canola, papaya, etc. It’s not labeled in the USA, but you can find out in seconds. Check out fooducate, the free phone app that let’s you scan the barcodes of all food products and it rates the food, grades it from A+ to D-, and it tells you if it’s GMO or not!

Click here to check that out: http://www.fooducate.com/app#page=recipes&tab=popular

mercury flu shot

Question all vaccines and flu shots. Nobody reads the insert that tells you they still contain mercury, aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde. These do NOT help the human body do anything but suffer.


Don’t let the system and the medical industrial complex lie to you and tell you there’s “not enough in them” to do harm. Millions and millions of dollars have been paid out by the secret vaccine court to families whose babies or teens have been severely damaged and incurred health detriment from MMR II vaccine to standard flu shots. Young adults and the elderly are at risk too. Never inject known carcinogens into your blood and muscle tissue. This can damage your immune system and keep you addicted to whatever you’re addicted to now, including cigarettes. When you cripple your immunity by killing good gut bacteria, you are enabling disease and disorder to form and manipulate your cells. It’s time to build your defense, not cripple it. Keep reading.


Replenish with Maca


In today’s world of widespread pollution and gender-bending chemicals, it can often be difficult to keep our hormones in balance. Even the most health-conscious of us are assaulted on all sides by a large number of poisons, such as BPA, that can disrupt our endocrine systems and cause havoc in our bodies. Consequently, many people have resorted to hormone-balancing drugs to help improve their health, which often cause even more problems in the long run due to their unnatural ingredients. Thankfully, nature does provide us with a small number of foods that contain noted hormone-balancing properties. Perhaps the most potent of these foods is maca, a plant native to the Peruvian Andes that bears edible taproots. The indigenous Peruvians have long considered the root of the maca plant to be beneficial for hormone health, and a great deal of modern research confirms these allegations.

Maca for balancing female hormones

A large amount of research shows that maca can stabilize and boost female hormones. For example, a double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in the International Journal of Biomedical Sciences found that organic maca stimulated the production of estrogen, suppressed follicle-stimulating hormones and reduced the severity of menopausal symptoms (especially hot flashes and night sweating) in postmenopausal women. These results led the researchers to conclude that maca offered “an attractive non-hormonal addition to the choices available to early-postmenopausal women in the form of a natural plant alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).”(1) Another double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in Menopause in November 2008 discovered that maca “reduces psychological symptoms, including anxiety and depression, and lowers measures of sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women independent of estrogenic and androgenic activity.”(2) In other words, maca benefited the female subjects’ moods and libido without negatively affecting their sexual hormones.

Maca for balancing male hormones

Research also shows that maca can balance and enhance male hormones, though most of these studies are confined to sexual health issues. For example, a study featured in Andrologia in October 2006 showed that black maca extracts could increase sperm count at the epididymal level after one day of treatment and an increase in sperm count in the vas deferens after three days of treatment. The researchers observed an increase in daily sperm production after one week of treatment, though testicular testosterone remained unaffected. “In conclusion, Black maca affects sperm count as early as 1 day after beginning of treatment,” wrote the authors. (3) A study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology in December 2001 also discovered that maca tablets could improve sperm production and sperm mobility in adult men. Specifically, treatment with maca “resulted in increased seminal volume, sperm count per ejaculum, motile sperm count, and sperm motility.”(4) The researchers noted that serum hormone levels were not affected with maca and that there wasn’t a correlation between sperm count and the number of maca tablets consumed.

Taking maca as a supplement

If you’re interested in taking maca for its hormone-balancing benefits, it’s best to consume organic, powdered maca that has been gelatinized. “Gelatinized” maca is simply maca that has had its starches removed, resulting in improved potency and bio-availability. This is actually how maca was traditionally prepared; even the indigenous Peruvians rarely consumed maca raw, because it is much harder to digest. Replace with Mucuna


Mucuna, also known as Velvet Bean, is capturing the interest of thousands of smokers who have the desire and the will to quit cigarettes, but can’t handle the first couple of weeks of rollercoaster-like mood swings and basic withdrawal symptoms. The L-Dopa content of the unprocessed Mucuna bean powder is so powerful that doctors are also using it help Parkinson’s patients restore mental clarity, and as a mood elevator. (http://www.secrets-of-longevity-in-humans.com/mucuna-pruriens.html) A new study reveals Mucuna just might be that “missing rung” in the ladder that leads to great health for thousands more soon-to-be ex-smokers. The Mucuna extract contains a significant amount of naturally occurring L-dopa, an amino acid which converts into dopamine. Most commonly sold in powder form, this “herbal” remedy can be found all over the internet, and the 60 percent concentration can be found in vegetarian capsules that are high quality. (http://herbal-powers.com/mupr120ca10o1.html) This wondrous Ayervetic Indian herb is known by many names, including sea beans, buffalo beans, Dopabean, Pruriens, Cowitch, Kapikachu and Atmagupta. The main medicinal benefits come from the seeds, but the pod and the roots can also be used. The velvety beans are actually drift seeds, meaning they can float away on ocean currents and re-plant themselves all over the world. Research shows L-Dopa provides a wide variety of health benefits. All non-smokers should peruse these benefits as well: • Regeneration of organs (heart, kidneys, liver, lungs) • Dramatically strengthen immune system • Improved sleep • Reduced body fat and cellulite • Improved skin appearance • Increased mood and sense of well being • Increased bone density (very necessary after toxin overload from cigarettes)

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14AndOut – Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days!

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