Burning Down the House – Cigarettes cause more than half of all house fires, study reveals

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house fire

There are so many ways you can accidentally burn a house down with a cigarette. We’ve all heard some horror stories. “He” fell asleep in the easy chair and the lit cigarette fell to the carpet and ignited the whole house in seconds. “She” leaned the cigarette on the window ledge or counter’s edge and it rolled off. He thought he put it out, but obviously not well enough, and plucked it in the yard or the trash can. He was drunk, smoking, and fell asleep on the couch. She was doing drugs and passed out with a burning cigarette in bed. He threw it out the window of the car into a dry field near some homes. Leave the cigarette burning in an ashtray and the cat or dog could knock it over, or some wind could blow some paper onto it. The real stories go on and on…

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