In the 1960s, scientists knew chemo only helped with short-term remission of most cancer – – Learn how diluted NAZI NERVE GAS eventually became the chemotherapy of today

nazi kills with chemo nerve gas (2)

Over 100 chemotherapy drugs used in America today came from toxic nerve gas used by Hitler to exterminate people by the hundreds of thousands in just a few years. Mass grave sites are a world known FACT and Jews were gassed to DEATH with the same ingredients used by doctors and oncologists today to simply STAVE OFF cancer for a few years so they can say you survived because of the treatment. But cancer is being detected much earlier now thanks to technology, so surviving 5 or 6 more years could mean you’re young, like twenty or thirty years old when you die of CHEMOTHERAPY TREATMENTS, while the medical industrial complex claims you died of cancer because “some got away” during surgery. When in reality, chemo and radiation create NEW cancers that attack shortly after the bone cancer recedes. Is chemo really USELESS for tumors and cancer of the vital organs? Pretty much, yes, and according to an expert MD!


Chemo really only works SOMETIMES for blood cancers that are rare compared to BRAIN, COLON, PANCREAS, STOMACH, BLADDER, PROSTATE, TESTICULAR AND OF COURSE, BREAST CANCER.

This hero of a doctor blew the whistle on the WHOLE HISTORY of Chemo! Watch this one hour video and learn EXACTLY how mustard-nerve-gas became the “medicine of choice” for Western Medicine, even though it rarely works, and when it does, it’s only for a handful of years. Natural Health News reports the good, the bad and the ugly. This one’s ugly folks, but the answer is in your hands. You can find your way right out of the maze of lies – just put one hand against the wall and walk yourself right out!

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Every year 14,000,000 people worldwide get cancer – welcome to the great blight and the plight. Say hello to the world police who claim to help everyone, but what’s really going on? Poor and developing countries often receive help from the United States in the form of GMO food and vaccines, which are also loaded with GMO, aluminum and mercury. We (USA) “install” democracy using McDonalds and influenza shots for the peoples of the world who are struggling without proper nutrition, clean water to drink, and without chemicals coursing through their blood. They are without what the USA has that keeps them “so healthy” that they need “sick care” coverage from the government. We spread peace and GMO. We are the good guys, right? We actually police the world and steal their resources, and in the process we “install” cancer, giving the starving kids no more nutrition than they already have, and we inject them with all the toxins found in today’s vaccines or “immunity crushers.”

Watch the full interview on YouTube – Just click HERE:

As reported at Natural Health News and on Worldwide Alternative News Networks:

“Natural News contributor Jonathan Landsman has just publicly published a “lost” interview with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, the holistic cancer treatment doctor who passed away earlier this week. This video interview, never before released to the public, reveals truly mind-blowing information about the failure of chemotherapy and why holistic approaches to cancer treatment work far better than chemo.” For the full Natural Health article and the complete interview, click HERE:


More from Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez:


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