Step outside the Nicotine Prison, folks, it takes 60 minutes!

cig burns

Cigarette addiction is powerful, but SO ARE YOU! Quit today the natural way … an inside look via Natural Health News. Cigarette addiction is powerful. The lethal toxins found in cigarettes include pesticide, ammonia and a laundry list of other elements that most people are unaware of, thus, overcoming the addiction is more complicated and difficult than people expect.

Step 1: Erase the Doubt


Let’s clear the clouds of doubt, the questions you have, and every reason we can find for why people don’t quit, why YOU haven’t quit, and then you can be 100% sure on your path! When people apply the patch or chew nicotine gum, they are only addressing one aspect (of possibly dozens) for quitting the smoking addiction—NICOTINE, and even with that, the quantities and qualities of that aspect are not measured properly, so the “weaning” process is skewed and usually doomed from the start.

Do you remember Jolt Cola? —it was that cola that had massive amounts of caffeine, but not nearly as much as today’s Red Bull or Monster! People overdose from energy drinks like Monster, it’s well-documented. What if there was a beer or wine that hit the shelves which had 35 times the alcohol content than typical, but it didn’t say anything on the label about it? What if you chugged 3 or 4, thinking it was pretty much all the same, and you wrecked because of it, or ended up in the emergency room? Could you imagine the car wrecks, the D.U.I.’s, the overdoses, and the court cases that would ensue because of it? Big Tobacco has been sued and LOST! Keep reading. Most of the premium brands of cigarettes have up to 35% more nicotine potency than you think and the manufacturers don’t have to label them as such. That’s a HUGE PART of the scam of nicotine patches and nicotine gum. If you Google cigarette manufacturing machine, it looks like some kind of forensics lab on the TV show CSI, equipped with all kinds of bottles full of chemicals that are connected to tubes and vials. The cigarette actually looks like it’s on a life-support system! What the heck are they doing to them that we don’t know about? I’ll tell you what they’re doing. Keep reading. Dissecting a cigarette reveals the horrors of what’s really inside

To find out exactly what is crippling your central nervous system and your immune system, one has to literally dissect cigarettes, which is what I’ve done for you, and this is a big part of what I am communicating with you now. In the 14AndOut live class, my students (clients) cut open a cigarette and the filter, and we bring out magnifying lenses, and they have to look at the ingredients up close, and smell the toxic chemicals. This puts a shock in your soul, and when your nose, your eyes, your brain, and your whole way of thinking does a 180 turn, you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into on a daily basis. When you see the glass fibers in the filter and mix them with tar (I use toothpaste or black caulking for effect), you get your fingers in the mess that your lungs are dealing with all the time.

When you smell the sample of the ammonia, the bleach, and most of all, the PESTICIDE that I bring to class, you realize the toxic suffering for which you are paying $5 a pack. You realize and you train your mind for quitting. If you have those cleaning chemicals around the house, when you take a break from reading this, go take a little sniff of a few, and you will engage these topics a little better, trust me. You want to quit and quit for good?? —You’ve got to know what it is you’re quitting!

Is there really plastic and carpet glue in the papers?

That’s correct; wrapping mats are cross-woven with cellulose acetate to burn hot and evenly. Ever been touched and burned by the lit end of a cigarette? I have. I still have the scar on top of my right hand, 35 years later. The tip of the cigarette burns at about 1700 degrees Fahrenheit during the inhale, and over 1,000 degrees when idle between drags. You think that’s just paper and tobacco burning?! Think again. You’re burning cellulose acetate—a plastic used in photo film!

That’s why there are so many house fires started from cigarettes, even the “fire-safe” ones, which are loaded with extra “carpet glue” rings. You are burning over 4,000 chemicals, including ammonia and pesticide. That means you are smoking bug and worm killer with every cigarette, every drag. Take a cigarette and cut it in half long ways, so you cut the stem that holds the tobacco and the little spongy filter. Spread everything out with your fingers and if you have a magnifying glass, grab it. Ever wonder why cigarettes burn so evenly, from start to finish? They never trail up one side. Are they wrapped in simple paper, or is there more to it than that? Is something flammable weaved carefully into the paper that wraps the tobacco? You bet your last 5 bucks there is! We will cover this in full a little later.


Step 2. Escape Nicotine Forever!


Only 14AndOut gives you this answer. No other cessation program brings you this ultimate insight and the natural remedies that you can buy “over the counter” OTC without a prescription! Replacing nicotine with a natural supplement that boosts dopamine levels ends the cravings! Put simply, nicotine damages dopamine production for smokers, so supplementing the production of dopamine is the ultimate way to help a smoker quit, and quit for good. Even though the smoking habit is also a behavior addiction, the “feel good” drug aspect is stronger and is the driving force for smokers to return to the habit when something stressful comes along, unless they know how to supplement and exactly what to buy!

As we reviewed earlier, the highly under-estimated issue for smokers is that commercial tobacco is “free-based” with ammonia and has been for about 50 years. If you are smoking commercial cigarettes, you’re getting up to 100mg of potency in one cigarette. This alone wrecks the body’s ability to properly regulate dopamine and serotonin levels, balancing the entire process on three fulcrums: the potency of the brand being smoked, how many cigarettes are smoked per day, and at what times of the day. This is why so many smokers grab a cigarette and light it up before or after something stressful, or a situation which requires energy and motivation, like before a job interview or after a heated argument. We’ll delve further into nutrition later on. Right now, let’s talk more about why most other programs fail 95% of the time to keep ex-smokers away from cigarettes for more than 6 months.

Nicotine gum delivers between 2 and 4 milligrams per piece. This is nothing close to the amount received from smoking an ammonia-treated “cig.” The nicotine patches deliver less than 1 mg. (between .5 and .9mg) each hour, and that’s on a slow, fairly constant release into the blood. Again, nothing like the nicotine vapors in a commercial cigarette which reaches the heart and brain within 3 seconds. Like we covered a little earlier, medications like Chantix and Zyban do not contain nicotine at all, but block the brain’s receptors to it, creating a very dangerous “wall” which can also disrupt dopamine and serotonin from reaching proper regions in the brain. This is exactly why suicide is a side effect of these two prescription medicines. These programs are nothing like smoking and do not wean you off the nicotine. Plus, none of them offer nutritional advice. No wonder most fail. Even Allen Carr’s Easy Way doesn’t delve into nutrition.

Visualize the war that’s going on inside your brain; Nicotine versus Dopamine. Natural fight or flight reactions are now becoming nervous disorders. Organic feelings and emotions about life in general become exaggerated problems which seem insurmountable at times. After long term use of high-potency cigarettes (about 15 to 20 years), a person can permanently cripple the dopamine system, and ruin the ability to feel pleasure at all without smoking a cigarette. Understanding and addressing the chemistry of it all is the cure. Dopamine functions in your brain to help you deal with stress, anxiety, and relaxation, and should occur naturally, instead of being chemically induced. This is what cigarette manufacturers realized 50 years ago and this is the hook which keeps smokers addicted and pulls them “back in” when they quit.



Do it for yourself, your family, and share it with friends who smoke and would love to quit!


Step 3. Enjoy your healthy life now.


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