How the GMO-labeling movement and Right to Know GMO will impact us

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According to Natural News, despite a major setback last month when the U.S. House of Representatives voted 275-150 to pass legislation that would prohibit states from enacting the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the Right to Know movement continues to gain traction as it lays its eyes upon the Lone Star State.

As the old saying goes: “Everything is bigger in Texas,” and the GMO-labeling movement is no exception. Passing GMO-labeling in Texas, a sizable state known for its stable economy, would surely have a strong and lasting impact on Big Food and chemical companies like Monsanto and DuPont. Introduced in late March by Texas State Representative Carol Alvarado of Houston (D-Texas), HB 3499 requires foods containing GMOs to be accurately labeled in Texas, as such ingredients have been linked to a multitude of health problems including cancer, infertility, autism, attention-deficit disorder, food allergies and many more.

More than 70 bills seeking to mandate the labeling of GMOs have been proposed in at least 30 states, with some of the most recent being in Florida, Montana, Arizona, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois, Tennessee, Indiana, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

While it’s unfortunate that the House passed the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015, also termed the DARK (Denying Americans the Right to Know) Act by consumer activists, which prohibits states from enacting their own GMO-labeling laws, the bill would still need to be approved by the Senate.


Jeffrey Smith is the author of Seeds of Deception, which exposes the U.S. government and the chemical-agriculture “biotechnology” industry, a.k.a. “Biotech,” for misleading consumers and endangering their health with genetically engineered food. Smith digs into Biotech’s lies about the safety of their experimentation with pesticide genes in food, and we see how lobbyists and representatives of the chemical-agriculture industry mislead legislatures and safety officials alike, in order to put the health of society on the back burner and allow chemicals to invade the U.S. and world food supply.

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